Sarah Gadon.

Let’s not kill ourselves trying to figure out who Sarah Gadon is going to be playing in the Amazing Spider-Man movies. Days after the news that Mary Jane was cut from the second movie and was being recast, we get this news regarding Gadon. Hmm. Hmm! Let us all bite down on our bubble pipes. And go hmm.

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‘AMAZING SPIDER-MAN’ writer Dan Slott getting death threats over his final issue. Weak sauce ++

Dan Slott’s final and controversial issue of Amazing Spider-Man isn’t out, and yet he is already receiving death threats. The ending which leaked online last week is a bit spicy to say the least, and that has sadly led to various douche-noggins threatening the writer through social media.

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The Amazing Spider-Man – Is So Amazing the Tobey Aftertaste Is Almost Gone

[As always, spoiler-free and barebones on plot description.  If you want the third act twists spelled out for you, please visit Roger Ebert’s site.]

But seriously:  this film is worth admission alone because this time, they hired a fucking casting director.  Gone is the triumvirate of shit that Tobey, Kirsten and Franco brought to the table.

Director Marc Webb gone and killed it.  You will fall in love with Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone in this film.  They’re just glowing with chemistry and love and presence.  Garfield takes a half hour or so to get there, but Stone is just a magnet for attention in every scene, and never in a presumptuous or overbearing way.  They work, and they work very well as the leads in this re-take on Spider-Man’s origin.

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Andrew Garfield Spotted Carrying Spidey Comics Featuring Thanos. OMFGSPECULATE.

To be perfectly clear: I don’t expect this to mean anything, I just find the speculation fun.

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The SPIDER-MAN Movieverse Could Cross Over Into ‘THE AVENGERS’. Jesus Christ, No.

The Spider-Man and Avengers movie universes could collide, and goddamn I say no.

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‘AMAZING SPIDER-MAN’ CLIP: Parker Totally Like, Punks Flash Thompson

Just today I got into a conversation with Rendar about this here flick. He thinks it’s going to be forgettable, but enjoyable. I’m not sure. I sniff the distinct scent of ass wafting off all these promotional materials. Where do you land on this reboot? Yay? Nay? Check out the clip and let me know.

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‘AMAZING SPIDER-MAN’ TRAILER #3: Lizards! Webbing! Ennui!

New Amazing Spider-Man  trailer, but I’m having a hard time caring. Imma be in Avengers Heaven in little over three hours.

Up, up, and away web!

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New Photos of The Lizard From ‘AMAZING SPIDER-MAN’ Reminds You It Exists.

Hey! Don’t let the Dark Knight Rises  trailer or the Avengers  release distract you from what will be the most blase comic book offering this summer, Amazing Spider-Man! To remind you, feast on some images of the Lizard.

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Black Cat from ‘AMAZING SPIDER-MAN’ game tickles my latex spot.

Black Cat is going to be all up in the Amazing Spider-Man  video game and it appears the creators have learned from Arkham City. Slap a babe in some latex and watch as dorks like me suffer the dribbly-tip. Also, this dame is way hotter than either MJ or  Gwen Stacy. Hit it Parker, hit it furiously.

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PAUL FEIG Did Some Writing On ‘AMAZING SPIDER-MAN’, Awkward Hilarity ++

Paul Feig isn’t just the dude who wrote Bridesmaids. Okay! Shit. Everyone fucking forgets. He’s also the mind behind Freaks and Geeks, and at least one scene in the upcoming Amazing Spider-Man  will feature his penchant for interpersonal awkwardness.

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