Black Cat from ‘AMAZING SPIDER-MAN’ game tickles my latex spot.

Black Cat is going to be all up in the Amazing Spider-Man  video game and it appears the creators have learned from Arkham City. Slap a babe in some latex and watch as dorks like me suffer the dribbly-tip. Also, this dame is way hotter than either MJ or  Gwen Stacy. Hit it Parker, hit it furiously.

Comics Alliance:

So far Activision and Beenox’s promos for the upcoming The Amazing Spider-Man game have been all about the animals, showing off images and video of Spidey foes the Rhino, the Iguana and a giant bug-like robot or two. Newly released images of Black Cat continue this animal trend, although instead of being a crazy killer mutant, this potential frenemy seems animal in name only.

This new design marks the third “movie” version of Black Cat, following an appearance in the Spider-Man 2 game and an action figure in the Spider-Man 3 toy line. Though this design isn’t necessarily going to see play in a sequel to the relaunched movie-verse, it’s the closest thing to canon Felicia Hardy’s alter ego might get considering this game’s plot follows the events of Andrew Garfield’s onscreen Spider-Man debut.