Netflix is developing ‘Altered Carbon’ and ‘Pacific Rim’ animes so maybe we can have nice things

netflix anime altered carbon pacific rim

I love the Takeshi Kovacs novels. However, I fucking hated the Netflix adaptation of Altered Carbon. Man, I hated it so fucking much. But, hope blooms eternal. ‘Cause they’re developing an anime based off of it, and I got high hopes. Oh, and a Pacific Rim anime is coming too!

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‘Altered Carbon’ Trailer: I Didn’t Ask You To Bring Me Back Into This World

Altered Carbon hype fucking get, dudes.

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‘Altered Carbon’ Trailer: Netflix’s cyberpunk adaptation drops February 2, 2018

Altered Carbon is one of my favorite books of all time, and I’ve been equal parts terrified and excited about Netflix’s forthcoming adaptation. However, I’m completely fucking stoked after watching this trailer.

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Joel Kinnaman cast as lead in ‘Altered Carbon’ adaptation for Netflix


A big question regarding the upcoming Altered Carbon adaptation for Netflix: how are they going to handle a series where the main character is constantly switching bodies (or as they’re called, sleeves)? I’m not sure. Especially if they go big name with the initial casting, which they have (sort of) done, casting Joel Kinnaman as Kovacs.

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(Fave) Cyberpunk novel ‘Altered Carbon’ is becoming Netflix series

Altered Carbon.

Holy fuckAltered Carbon is one of my favorite novels of the last…ten years? Cyberpunk detective noir? (Which may be redundant?) And now it appears that the novel is becoming a television series courtesy of Netflix.

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Monday Morning Commute: Ravioli Sauce & Used Diapers


…I can relate, man. Or how about fifteen slices of pizza on a Friday night? Or two pounds of Laffy Taffy while refreshing Tumblr for nine hours on a Saturday evening? None happened this previous weekend, all of happened at one point in my life. This isn’t about shaming, though. It’s about coming together as a bunch of flesh-sacks trying to make it on this Blue Marble. This isn’t about wallowing. It’s about embracing the absurdity, the rot, the excess, the loneliness, the glee, the victory, the defeat.

This is Monday Morning Commute.

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As a member of the OL Collective, you no doubt traipse about in generated worlds. While the best of these worlds are well-distinguished from one another, they can be sliced into distinct categories. There are Utopian worlds, worlds filled with magic, worlds filled with superheroes, and other worlds filled with dragons. In fact, some are Utopian worlds filled with superheroes wielding magic and thrashing dragons. Mix-and-match. Whatever. And so on.

However, I reckon that we all have our favorite slice of the generated-world nonsense that comes from enjoying the arts and farts. So I’ll ask you gals and guys: what is your favorite kind of fictional world? And does it come from a specific source?

Me? My favorite are there them cyberpunk dystopias, specifically that of Richard K. Morgan’s Altered Carbon and its sequels.

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Playboy and Virgin Want to Build A Night Club IN SPACE.

Now I don’t go to night clubs, but this is one I’d kill to attend. A night club in space. This is something out of Neuromancer  or Altered Carbon, and that gets my loins writhing.

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Movie Adaptation of Richard K. Morgan’s ‘Altered Carbon’ Getting Fast-Tracked. Gulp.

Richard K. Morgan’s Altered Carbon  is one of my favorite books. Ever. The spiritual successor to Neuromancer  with a whole lot more fucking, it milked my cyberpunk glands with capable hands. I’ve known that it was getting a movie adaptation for a while now (Morgan actually sold the rights to the book for $1 million, which enabled him to become a full-time writer. Good for him, man) but now its getting fast-tracked.

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Monday Morning Commute: DESTROY APATHY!

Spark a cigarette and pour a drink – you’ve made it home after the first day of the workweek! Congratulations! You’ve only got to get through that 9-5 shitstorm four more times until the weekend! And from there it’s only a few more decades before you either retire into poverty or die! Ta-dah!

Fugg that, son. Life’s a glorious experiment, so let’s dance in the laboratory and smash some beakers! This here’s the MONDAY MORNING COMMUTE, a weekly post dedicated to combating ennui. If you fear that you’re becoming one of the flesh-and-blood automatons that chokes Wonder to death, hop into this refugee-camp. I’m going to show you what I’m doing to destroy apathy.

If you’re daring, you’ll hit up the comments section and do the same.

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