Monday Morning Commute: DESTROY APATHY!

Spark a cigarette and pour a drink – you’ve made it home after the first day of the workweek! Congratulations! You’ve only got to get through that 9-5 shitstorm four more times until the weekend! And from there it’s only a few more decades before you either retire into poverty or die! Ta-dah!

Fugg that, son. Life’s a glorious experiment, so let’s dance in the laboratory and smash some beakers! This here’s the MONDAY MORNING COMMUTE, a weekly post dedicated to combating ennui. If you fear that you’re becoming one of the flesh-and-blood automatons that chokes Wonder to death, hop into this refugee-camp. I’m going to show you what I’m doing to destroy apathy.

If you’re daring, you’ll hit up the comments section and do the same.


Readin’/Altered Carbon

Brought together by blood and kept together by our kindred spirits, Caffeine Powered and I have quite a bit in common. Hell, I can’t even begin to fathom how many hours we’ve spent on debating comics, movies, video games, and music. With that being said, we also have plenty of our interests, which we then try to get the other into.

It’s beautiful, man.

Over the weekend I (finally) started reading Richard K. Morgan’s Altered Carbon. I’m just over fifty pages in and I can already see why Big Bro has been crushing on it for years. Having spent some of my most formative years poring over Frank Miller’s Sin City, I have a soft spot for hardboiled detective stories that this book is busting right into. Moreover, Morgan also knows how to flick the sci-fi clit, presenting a future in which consciousness has been digitized, Earth has colonies light years away, and minds are regularly downloaded into new bodies (“sleeves”).

I’m so fuggin’ sold on this book it hurts.


Prayin’ For/Seguin

Do you know who that is in the picture above? If you guessed Jake Lloyd, you’d be wrong. That right there is a boy by the name of Tyler Seguin, second-overall pick in the 2010 NHL draft and a member of the Boston Bruins. He’s full of raw talent that, with some experience and refinement, could be a vital asset of the Bruins’ future. However, he had a bit of a rough rookie year and as such was relegated to healthy-scratch status for the playoffs.

No big deal. Nothing to be ashamed about. Hell, at his age I was wasting time at the library and studying theories that add up to nuthin’!

But in the fourth game of the Bruins’ sweep of the Flyers, Patrice Bergeron went down hard. Turns out he got a goddamn concussion, thus creating a void of unquantifiable proportions in the lineup. So who’s taking the spot vacated by the gold-medal winning, super-stud face-off specialist that is Bergeron?

Tyler Seguin. The kid’s first NHL playoff appearance is going to be against the Tampa Bay Lightning in the Eastern Conference Finals. The last time the Bruins made it to this round, Seguin wasn’t even six-months old. Talk about pressure.

My goal for the Bruins has been to get to the Eastern Conference Finals. And while I’d love to see them make it to the Stanley Cup Finals, my new hope is that Tyler Seguin walks out unscathed.

Physically and psychologically.


Desirin’/Furry Water

Rafael Grampá released the above image on his blog, adding with “Stay Tuned” as the only accompaniment. What a total cocktease. Ever since reading Mesmo Delivery, I’ve been on the Grampá bandwagon. Problem is, the dude hasn’t released anything since Mesmo (with the exception of a few pieces here and there), with even less information coming out about his new project.

But with that picture, I’m back into the swing of fiendin’ for Furry Water. I’m excited for it, and I don’t even know what it is. Other than awesome, of course.


So that’s what I’ll be doing this week.

What about you?