Watch A Human Embryo Grow A Face. Evolution Is Awesome.

Yeah son, there above is a fucking human face. Sort of.

The motherfuckers at the BBC have crushed it with their scientific techowankery this time. Using high-resolution scans, they’ve created this time-lapse video of a human embryo’s face growing. Watch in awe and horror as it reveals our fucking amphibian past. Evolution is amazing.

Hit the jump for the video.


The early human embryo looks very similar to the embryo of any other mammal, bird or amphibian – all of which have evolved from fish. Your eyes start out on the sides of your head, but then move to the middle.

The top lip along with the jaw and palate started life as gill-like structures on your neck. Your nostrils and the middle part of your lip come down from the top of your head.

There is no trace of a scar; the plates of tissue and muscle fuse seamlessly. But there is, however, a little remnant of all this activity in the middle of your top lip – your philtrum.

Fucking awesome.