Do These ‘Dark Knight Rises’ Set Photos Drop Enormous Spoiler?

…Oh boy. There’s some set pictures from the filming of ‘Dark Knight Rises’ in India that have some pretty sexy implications if they show what I think they show.

You’ve been fucking warned.

Enlarge. | Via.

Tell me that doesn’t look like something that could be considered a Lazarus Pit, and I’ll call you a liar. The common response is that something as outlandish as a Lazarus Pit doesn’t seem to fit into Nolan’s Batman universe. I’m not so sure. The original Batman movie bordered, but never crossed over directly into mysticism. Even if you don’t buy that, there’s always the quasi-scientific explanation route.

Or there is this: it isn’t a Lazarus Pit, and ┬áRa’s al Ghul isn’t getting resurrected in some form.

Speculating. It’s fun.