Monday Morning Commute: Ravioli Sauce & Used Diapers


…I can relate, man. Or how about fifteen slices of pizza on a Friday night? Or two pounds of Laffy Taffy while refreshing Tumblr for nine hours on a Saturday evening? None happened this previous weekend, all of happened at one point in my life. This isn’t about shaming, though. It’s about coming together as a bunch of flesh-sacks trying to make it on this Blue Marble. This isn’t about wallowing. It’s about embracing the absurdity, the rot, the excess, the loneliness, the glee, the victory, the defeat.

This is Monday Morning Commute.


Mass Effect.

This time of year makes me really nostalgic for Mass EffectFor all its warts, Mass Effect is one of my favorite sagas of all time. Once November rolls around, my brain clicks to the anchor of the first title’s release. I miss the Citadel. Hurry about, Electronic Arts. Upgrade the original trilogy for the next-generation, and whore it out to losers like me looking to plug the gaping maw that the franchise’s absence has created. Until ME4.


THOR goes ZAP.

Thor: The Dark World drops this weekend. I need it! I need it. My sock that I’ve dressed up like Chris Hemsworth is getting soggy. Or is it sticky? Can it be both? None the less, I’m stoked for this first offering from Marvel’s Phase 2. Friday night I’ll be sitting in a theater seat. Resplendent in my blonde extensions. Beautiful in my aluminium armor. Comfortable with Mjölnir between my thighs.


Altered Carbon.

Also as the days grow shorter, the darkness grows more pronounced, I become nostalgic for Altered Carbon. Richard K. Morgan’s cyberpunk extraganza starring Takeshi Kovacs has an ambiance that matches up well with the colder weather. The enticing despair of post-hope humanity as they kick out into the stars, and turn inwards on themselves. Fuck Morgan, give us another Takeshi Kovacs novel already.


Kaz Hirai Hogan.

PlayStation 4 continues to draw near. I can’t wait to turn it on, patch it, play Call of Duty: Ghosts for eight hours, complete it, play some multiplayer, and then use it solely for Netflix until inFamous: Second Something Or Other drops in 2014. I’m just playing. Sort of. About the snide part. I can’t wait to stroke it to my newest techno-acquisition.


Danny Brown - Old.

Finally got around to spinning (metaphorically, okay, fuck you) Danny Brown’s newest album, Old. Really digging the second half of the album that’s club-bumpers and party time. I’m a self-admitted asshole for easy hooks (it’s why I love pop music so much), but I’m going to burrow down into the less accessible first half until it makes sense in my brain.




Finally caught up on Marvel’s Infinity. Can’t wait to see how it ends. Fuck Marvel for their never-ending events. Bless Marvel for allowing Jonathan Hickman to simply do his hang on one of their premiere events. (Though now that I think of it, perhaps they’re only letting him flex his philosophical and graphic design muscles because there are so many events. Whatever.) The good sir can plot like no one else I’ve ever witnessed in my days reading Marvel.

Hickman. Take a bow. Then take a breath.


That’s about it for me. How about you folks?