Playboy and Virgin Want to Build A Night Club IN SPACE.

Now I don’t go to night clubs, but this is one I’d kill to attend. A night club in space. This is something out of Neuromancer  or Altered Carbon, and that gets my loins writhing.

I Heart Chaos:

It’s the year 2012… isn’t it time we had a high end night club in space? Right now, it’s just some concept drawings and a dream, but one day maybe, Playboy and Virgin might just get together to put the first night club in orbit, and on that day, we will truly be living in the future.

Among other features, there is to be a zero gravity dance floor, a spinning diner so visitors can eat their food without floating about, a game room, and space Playboy bunnies floating around serving drinks. And the club is certainly not for the cheap. When Virgin Galactic starts doing orbital flights later this year or next year, it will cost you $200,000 just for a seat, so this swingin’ ain’t cheap.

Radness incarnate. One of ,y childhood-teenage-young adult-permanently-juvenile fantasies made real.