‘Uncharted’ movie snags ’10 Cloverfield Lane’ director Dan Trachtenberg. Super fucking solid choice, IMO

uncharted movie 10 cloverfield lane dan trachtenberg

If the Uncharted movie actually ever enters production, and frankly I’ll be skeptical until it fucking happens, this is a super solid choice for director.

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‘God Particle’ is actually ‘Cloverfield 3’

god particle cloverfield 3

Oh man, I fuck with this. J.J. Abrams and his Mystery Box posse have revealed that God Particle is actually the third installment in the Cloverfield series. As someone who enjoyed 10 Cloverfield Lane as a small, quiet Twilight Zone-esque flick, I’m down for installments of this loosely-tethered anthology series.

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Director Dan Trachtenberg (’10 Cloverfield Lane’) joins ‘Black Mirror’ Season 3

Dan Trachtenberg.

10 Cloverfield Lane was a fun installment in the Cloverfield Universe. It actually felt more more like an installment in some anthology series more than a full-blown movie (whatever the fuck that means, Ian), and so him joining Black Mirror‘s third season is pretty great.

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Weekend Open Bar: Heel To Throat (And I Like It)

heel to throat

Yeah! It’s Saturday. And I’m just opening up this weekend’s Open Bar. Which means, since OL is already pretty quiet these days, that it’s just going to be me rambling to myself about what I’m doing this weekend. That’s fine! I’ve brought this upon myself. I’ve brought this upon myself! But this is Weekend Open Bar, and name is Ian Omega-Caffeine Powered-Xavier Thunderkick.

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Monday Morning Commute: I’m Just With My Friends Online


It’s Monday. My wife is away. I’m covered in calzone grease, and snot from the jalapenos in said calzone that have my nose running. I’m tired. The dog won’t stop barking. I’m tired. But Spring Break is soon! My wife will be home eventually. This too will pass. This life too will pass. This universe too will pass. What can you do? Eh. And I mean. Plus! plus, I got these various things that I’m enjoying/looking forward to/thinking about/et cetera.

This is Monday Morning Commute.

What are you up to this week?

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J.J. Abrams wants a third ‘Cloverfield’ movie, compares series to ‘Twilight Zone’

10 Cloverfield Lane.

JarJar Braybrams wants a third Cloverfield movie. If the second (loosely connected) movie is as enjoyable for me as the first one, the I’m all aboard. Give me a weird mythos populating somewhat individual entrances into the franchise, and I’ll be fine. Overjoyed, even. Well, not overjoyed. Joyed.

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’10 Cloverfield Lane’ Trailer #2: I’m Going To Keep You Alive

Out of all the people I know, I’m the one that enjoyed Cloverfield the most. I’m an easy mark for found footage, monsters, and attractive people being gutted and harvested to grow Monsters. So I’m understandably excited for this spiritual spin-off.

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’10 Cloverfield Lane’ Super Bowl Trailer: Something’s Coming

’10 Cloverfield Lane’ Trailer: Do The Monster Mash!

Wait, what the fuck? Abrams and his Monster Squad have filmed a “sequel” to Cloverfield, and none of us were any the wiser? Oh, J.J. But, hey. I’m excited.

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