First Look: Ryan Reynolds in Deadpool costume

‘Firefly’ fave Morena Baccarin lands ‘Deadpool’ female lead

Morena Baccarin.

Well then. I was already pretty excited for Deadpool, and that was before the movie added fanboy (hi!) favorite Morena Baccarin to the mix.

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Revealed: Early look at Ryan Reynolds’ mask for ‘Deadpool’


Okay so Reynolds dropped this “look” at his mask for the Deadpool flick. Hung a gnarly sepia filter over it to obscure some of its finer details, I imagined. I turned the contrast up a little though, for what it’s worth.

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Official: Ryan Reynolds is Deadpool

Ryan Reynolds

Ryan Reynolds is officially up in the Deadpool movie. Which, like, was to be expected. Right? And this is all dope and shit, but my concern with this movie surrounds the script. Namely, the idea that it could be PG-13.

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‘Deadpool’ movie with Ryan Reynolds f**king greenlit! Winter 2016


That Deadpool test footage we were all getting juicy in the groin over seems to have done its job. After years of talkin’ about the fucking adaptation as though it were the White Whale, Deadpool is finally getting a movie. Officially and shit.

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Leaked: ‘Deadpool’ Test Footage featuring Ryan Reynolds


All the leaks! This time it’s some leaked Deadpool test footage, which I imagine was conjured to try and sell The Suits on the Merc with a Mouth getting his own movie. Me? I think it’s pretty neat. Ain’t judging the CG since it’s, you know, test footage. But the meta, the absurd violence, I think they’d be on the right track.

What say you?

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‘Green Lantern’ Sequel To Be Edgier, Darker. Can It Also Exist…Less?

I should have known that Green Lantern would make enough money to get a sequel. The movie was raw ass. Not offensive, maddening, sickening bullshit like Transformers 3. Rather it was unforgettable. A flaccid romp through a CGI nightmare. Fuck that movie, and fuck that it is getting a sequel.

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The Onion Captures Stupidity & Apathy Of ‘Green Lantern’ Movie Perfectly.

Who am I to get all high and mighty about a comic book movie being fucking dumb! I disagree sir. When Caff-Pow! isn’t excited for a flick, you know it’s bad news. Fuck Green Lantern, man. I’m going to see it because I’m part of the problem, but I ain’t excited. The Onion in this video perfectly captures the ‘uh sure, I’m seeing it. ‘Cause uh stuff.’ vibe surrounding the flick. It’s awesome.

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Extended ‘Green Lantern’ TV Spot Got New Footage For You.

The Green Lantern hype train is beginning to kick into overdrive. A new extended TV spot that premiered during American Idol and 30 Rock on Thursday evening had itself some new footage.

Hit the jump to check it out.

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‘Green Lantern’ Movie Gets Two Character Posters.

My excitement for the Green Lantern went up a good deal after witnessing the footage from Wondercon. I ain’t dumb enough to deny that it may be simply the product of a well-cut trailer, corralling the dopest contents of the movie into four minutes.

But let me be excited!

Today, two character posters for the movie were released on the movie’s Facebook page.

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