Space Swoon: The Earth And Moon As Seen From Mars

the earth and moon from mars

Want some perspective? Here is the Earth and Moon, as seen from Mars.

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Duncan Jones’ Mute is going to be a Netflix release

duncan jones mute

I want Duncan Jones’ Mute. The filmmaker has been talking about making the flick since motherfucker put out Moon, many, many moons (pun?) ago. He’s been discussing it to the point where it doesn’t feel real. Not fucking real at all! But apparently the film *is* real, and Netflix is releasing it.

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Space Swoon: NASA releases new “Earthrise” photo from the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter

Paul Rudd and Alexander Skarsgard cast in Duncan Jones’ sci-fi movie ‘Mute’

Holy shit. For as long as OL has existed, have I ever been blathering about Duncan Jones’ dream project. The flick? A Blade Runner homage titled Mute. Through the years Jones has gone and done Source Code and Warcraft, and I had sort of written off ever seeing this movie. But! Now! It’s happening, and there are actual cast members.

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Duncan Jones wants to film ‘Mute’ before ‘Warcraft’ drops next summer

Duncan fucking Jones, ya'll.

Duncan Jones. Director of dope-ass Moon and fun-enough Source Code has talked about shooting a cyberpunk film for a hot minute. It seems like he was getting ready to actualize the product. And then Warcraft happened. But thankfully for those of us who have been holding out hope that the project will materialize, it seems Jones want to shoot Mute prior to Orcs and Wizards drops next year.

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Watch: CHINA lands on the f**king MOON.

Yutu rover.

As I’ve intimated in other places – I don’t care what nation of humanity explores space, or for what reasons. I’m lumping us all together and considering it a win for us barely not-primates. This weekend China landed on the fucking moon. So I’m high-fiving for all of us.

Hit the jump to check it out.

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China launches LUNAR ROVER. All exploring the Moon and such.

China's Lunar Rover.

China’s on the moon! Or, their lunar rover shall be soon enough. The humanist in me is all like “fuck yeah, humanity’s back on the moon!” The jingoist with American pride is all, “god dammit, when are we going back?!”

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CASSINI captures EARTH and THE MOON from Saturn. Perspective++


Behold the wonder of perspective! Yeah, it’s a grainy piece of shit picture. Still though! What it signifies is pretty outrageous. Thurr be in that picture the Blue Marble and the Moon. As seen from Cassini up in Saturn’s hood.

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Behold! A gravity map of the Moon! You didn’t know you wanted this.


Using this map acquired through subterfuge (web browsing? WTF is that?), I intend on finding the top secret hideout of the Illuminati Trilateral Commission Group. You know, the one on the Moon where they plan all sorts of shit. Putting Prozac into our water. Convincing the mouthbreathers of the world that Big Bang Theory is funny. Canceling Rubicon. The truly nefarious acts. Once I find them, in a comfortable gravity pocket, then I begin building my rocket ship.

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NASA’s next robot moon walker is ATHLETE, promises to elegantly dispose our corpses.

Oh snap.

Just build them up! Yes, keep building these beautiful, and elegant robots. Nothing is going to make the robot apocalypse more delicious than momentarily contemplating how we created these versatile killing machines. Ones that now, thanks to NASA, go hang out on the moon afterwards.

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