‘The Witcher 3′ getting New Game Plus mode for its Final Free DLC

The Witcher 3.

Man, I’ve barely fucking touched The Witcher 3. You know. Marriage. Summer class. Arkham Knight. Now Sleeping Dogs. But even though I may never finish it, I will still vigorously applaud this decision. Every RPG should have a New Game +.

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Watch: Custom R2-D2 PlayStation 4 is a rad convergence of various pop cultures

Watch: World of Warcraft’s Westfall recreated in Unreal Engine 4

Nostalgia. Nostalgia all over the screen. Gorgeous nostalgia.

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‘Back to The Future’ Trilogy returning to theaters in October for 30th Anniversary

rock and roll

One of my biggest Big Brother Troll Jobs is continuously ragging on the BTTF trilogy in front of Rendar. ‘Cause brotherhood. But I actually genuinely love the first two flicks, and thusly I’m quite stoked to see them in the theater.

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New ‘Deadpool’ Details & Image: “Hard R” Rating and the Negasonic Teenage Warhead

I’m really fucking excited for Deadpool. Between the new images that have dropped, and the news that the movie is going to be a Hard R, everything seems to be shaping up fucking mint for the movie.

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First ‘Ash vs Evil Dead’ Photo: Blood-Covered and Ready To Rumble

Kevin Wada takes Natasha Romanoff into the couture!

‘Batman: Arkham Knight’ Launch Trailer: To Kill The Bat-Man

‘Mad Max’ fan spends $125,000 to make his own Interceptor. Valhalla bound, obviously.

‘Deus Ex: Mankind Divided’ E3 Gameplay Trailer: Augmented Hegemony