Japanese ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ comic book cover art


I don’t really know what this is from, but I fucking love it.

‘Community’ returning March 17! Coolcoolcoohforgetit


Community! It fucking lives! Community! Premiering March 17! On Yahoo. How am I watching it on Yahoo? Is there a fucking app? Or something? Eh?

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1337: Hackers recreate German politician’s fingerprint from photos.


And you all wonder why I’m always wearing my stretchy winter mittens. In the summer. In the winter. Sure they’re covered in crusty, withering flakes of my DNA. Sure my hands smell like eggs and mistakes. But at least them hackers won’t have my fucking fingerprints.

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Sony Hack: ’22 Jump Street’ sequel could team-up with “Men In Black’

22 Jump Street

It’s 12:09 on Thursday morning. That means this particular morsel of Sony Leakgate has been out for a day. Or roughly 3,000,000 years in Internet Time. BUT FUCK IT. I RUN THIS ROOST. And this roost wants to talk about the absurd glory that would be this team-up movie.

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Laurie Greasley’s Force Awakens x Akira art wins

Laurie Greasley!

Laurie Greasley rules. This artwork rules.

‘Batman: Arkham Knight’ Gameplay Trailer: Unfathomable Badassery


Fucking resent this trailer for Batman: Arkham Knight. This shit ain’t dropping any time soon, and Rocksteady goes and hangs this fucking stunning gameplay trailer on our heads. Or perhaps around our necks like the Noose called Time. We are just waiting. WAITING. The noose hanging. Heavily. Cutting into our skin. WAITING. For this stunning piece of shit to arrive.

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Killer Art: Joaquin Phoenix as Doctor Strange


AndrewSS straight killing it with this fan art. Like, I was already sold. Now I’m jacked+pumped, and trying to douse a magical circle in Diet Dew and summon Cthulhu. Hit the jump for the full glory.

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‘Firewatch’ Reveal Trailer: Moody Woodland Mystery


I wrote about Firewatch a couple of months ago, particularly stoked with the talent behind it. The developer Campo Santo is comprised of Heads from Double Fine, Telltale, and 2K Marin. What a fucking group! Now the developer has dropped an official reveal trailer and…it seems fucking awesome. Hard as Shit to Explain, but fucking awesome. Totally gelling with my recent Lovecraft obsession, offering up a seemingly haunted, and uncomfortable woods to explore. And stuff.

Just watch the trailer.

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Cosplay: Lady Sif doesn’t have time for your nonsense

Lady Sif!

Lady Sif is tired of you, human. Tired of me, too. Of our mortal squabbling. Thankfully, that doesn’t prohibit us from enjoying this cosplay of her.

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Matt Fraction on ‘Hawkguy’, his career dying, and a dog saving him

Matt Fraction.

It is little secret around here that Matt Fraction ain’t just one of my favorite comic book creators. He’s a source of genuine inspiration and resiliency, and I follow his travels in ways that may be “unhealthy” and “borderline obsessive.” Okay. Whatever. So forgive me if this post really doesn’t fit in anywhere (though to be fair This Site is Me and I Am This Site). But I stumbled across this really fucking outstanding diatribe from Fraction detailing him falling into Hawkguy‘s first issue. It’s tremendous. He admits what I was sort of worrying about at the time (his career dying), once again somehow conjures tragedy into art, and continues to generally move me.

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