‘PREDATOR’ getting REBOOTED by Shane Black? F**k yes.


Looks like Shane Black has found his next landing spot after helming Iron Man 3 last year. The son of a bitch appears set to tackle a Predator reboot. And while I’d generally roll my eyes at the premise, it’s hard to deny Black’s talent.

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TIME SINK: ‘World of Warcraft’ player reaches level cap without picking faction

World of Warcraft.

Here’s either  a) an incredible feat of gaming determination, b) the worst waste of time in WoW history, or both. I can’t imagine both the determination this required, and the amount of time that was burned accomplishing it. But to be fair, I generally do nothing myself and I have no cool claim to fame such as this.

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Dope Art: Lil Marvels by Dustin Nguyen

Lil Marvels by Dustin Nguyen

Dustin Nguyen with some TOTS ADORBS (shut up) Marvel artwork.

Remender’s penning Marvel’s “AXIS” of Evil in October


I clearly need to be paying more attention to Rick Remender’s run on Uncanny Avengers. Through no fault of his own, I’ve sort of wavered in and out of his stories. Picking them up when I remember, forgetting them most of the time like a fucking dumb ass I mean — reading the announcement of the upcoming Axis event in October was out of control. Red Skull has the telepathy of Professor X? And the powers of Onslaught? Sign me up.

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‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ Poster: Gamora ain’t afraid of you


New Guardians of the Galaxy character poster time! This latest one features Gamora, with a grin that says she’d sooner fucking kill you than tolerate your bullshit. I can dig it. Hit the jump for the full thing.

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OBERYN x Ryu from ‘STREET FIGHTER’ = fantastic fan art

the mash-up jam

Courtesy of Mike Wrobel. Dominating the game.

Watch: 50 Cent x Disney = ‘MALEFIFTYCENT’


Sometimes, Internet, you truly don’t fucking disappoint.

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Handsome Jack.

Ah, Borderlands. Don’t ever fucking change. The franchise is already absurd. The title for the forthcoming game is doubly absurd. And now having Handsome Jack recite a narcissistically-altered rendition of that poem Walter White wrote (heh) for Breaking Bad, “Ozymandias?” Absurdity+++

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Skottie Young’s EARTHWORM JIM is grooovvvyyy

Skottie Young does Earthworm Jim.

More Skottie Young goodness.

Official logo for ‘AGENT CARTER.’ Dopefreshnesstime.

Official Logo!

Ya’ll ready for this?! *Cue 1990s music* *Watch in horror as I shimmy down my pants revealing a Winter Soldier thong* *My parents aren’t crying because I’m doing this at Mother’s Day dinner* *They’re weeping with joy* *You’re all welcome*