‘The LEGO Batman Movie’ Trailer: Hero Moments and Zingers

Yes, yes I think this movie is going to be quite fun.

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‘Silicon Valley’ Season 3 Trailer: What In God’s Name Is That?

This show is fucking fantastic. The trailer for this show’s third season is fucking fantastic. Fucking fantastic is fucking fantastic! Has anyone seen my apron? My dog is barking.

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First Look: Batman and Joker from animated ‘Killing Joke’ adaptation

batman and the joker

This is going to be fucking awesome.

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Rafael Grampa’s ‘Detective Comics’ #50 Alternate Cover is Gorgeous


No lie. Today I was taking a leak, and for some reason I was thinking about Paul Pope. Not sure why. I thought to myself, what the fuck does that guy do besides DJ, make pretentious tweets, and stunning covers? Where the fuck is Battling Boy II? Then I thought — speaking of talented but the opposite of prolific artists, where the fuck is Rafael Grampa these days? No sooner did I think this — and listen, I’m not saying I willed it into Reality, but maybe I did — did I find this new alternate cover by him. Read the rest of this entry »

Watch: Deadpool explains why he won’t host ‘SNL’, spoofs Kanye’s Rant

Ryan Reynolds and Deadpool aren’t going anywhere, despite the fact (or perhaps due to the fact) that the movie is already released, and making absurd amounts of ducats. The actor-character-actor-metameta has responded to an online petition asking the character-actor-character-metameta to host SNL, spoofing Kanye’s epic rant from last week.

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Art: Kylo Ren x Pixar’s ‘Inside Out’ by Dan Hipp = all the feels

Amazon Prime offering 20% off of new game releases

fuck yes

Man, this is great goddamn news for me. I rock Amazon Prime for everything, from KY Jelly to socks. From books I’ll never read to video games. To its streaming service! So I’m already all-in on Prime. But I’m still fucking stoked that Amazon is continuing to sweeten the pot. The company is offering 20 futzing percent off of new games, and as someone who *always* buys them through their service, and buys way too many games, this is tremendous.

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Report: Idris Elba frontrunner for ‘The Dark Tower’ lead

Idris Elba.

Holy crap. How do you get me to give a futz about an adaptation of The Dark Tower? Cast Idris Elba.

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‘Metal Gear Cafe’ is a real place in Paris. Le Big Boss Burger, frreal.

Metal Gear Cafe.

Metal Gear Solid 5 drops on Tuesday, and we’re all celebrating it in different ways. But of all the ways one may do it, I don’t think any of us shall top opening up a fucking Metal Gear-themed cafe. We all lose this one, folks.

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Tracy Morgan will host ‘Saturday Night Live’ in his return to performing

tracy morgan

Man, I haven’t watched an episode of SNL live in years upon years. But Tracy Morgan’s first return to performing demands that I break that streak this fall.

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