Watch: ‘Kung Fury’ Theme Song, Performed By The F**king Hoff

Official: Dominic Cooper nabs lead in ‘Preacher’ adaptation

Dominic Cooper

Write me down as officially digging Dominic Cooper as Jesse Custer. Prior to Seth Rogen’s confirmation, it was like, a theoretical enjoyment.

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Watch: 17 minutes of atmospheric game ‘Firewatch’

‘Far Cry 4: Valley of the Yetis’ Trailer: Obliterate sasquatch with your boomstick

Weekend Open Bar: Summon The Devil Electric!!!


OH FUCK SHIT. The bar is open! It’s late! Supposed to open last night, but here we are. A day late. Namely because I spent last night eating too much, consuming too many mind-altering substances, and then woke up around noon today. But here we are! Let’s shoot the shit about what we’re doing this Weekend. To enjoy our Lives. It’s BLUE SKIES and ABOVE FREEZING TEMPERATURES in my neck of the woods. So we’re already off to a good start. Pull up a chair. Tell me a tale.

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‘Firefly’ fave Morena Baccarin lands ‘Deadpool’ female lead

Morena Baccarin.

Well then. I was already pretty excited for Deadpool, and that was before the movie added fanboy (hi!) favorite Morena Baccarin to the mix.

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Confirmed: Neill Blomkamp’s next movie is his take on the ‘Alien’ franchise


What a difference a week makes. We’ve gone from Neill Blomkamp being all like “Fox would let me make that Alien flick I pitched” to Neill Blomkamp…making that Alien flick he pitched. Dope!

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Japanese ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ comic book cover art


I don’t really know what this is from, but I fucking love it.

‘Community’ returning March 17! Coolcoolcoohforgetit


Community! It fucking lives! Community! Premiering March 17! On Yahoo. How am I watching it on Yahoo? Is there a fucking app? Or something? Eh?

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1337: Hackers recreate German politician’s fingerprint from photos.


And you all wonder why I’m always wearing my stretchy winter mittens. In the summer. In the winter. Sure they’re covered in crusty, withering flakes of my DNA. Sure my hands smell like eggs and mistakes. But at least them hackers won’t have my fucking fingerprints.

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