Julia Roberts starring in Amazon series from ‘Mr. Robot’ creator based on a fictional podcast wtf is going on

julia roberts mr robot creator amazon homecoming

Lotta, lotta fucking information to drink in, in that nightmare headline above. First: Julia Roberts is going to be starring in an Amazon series. Second: it’s being helmed by Sam Esmail, creator of Mr. Robot. Third: the show will be based off of Homecoming, a fictional podcast.

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Amazon has ordered ‘Hanna’ adaptation straight to series

amazon hanna series adaptation

I had no idea that there was a Hanna TV series adaptation in the works. From the movie’s original writer, no less! But there was, there is, and it’s gone straight to series.

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Danny Devito and Jeff Goldblum starring in Amazon comedy series about famous pop duo

danny devito jeff goldblum amazon comedy

Two of pop culture’s most beloved eccentrics are joining forces for a half-hour comedy show on Amazon. Fucking weird, man. Fucking unexpected, man. But I ain’t complaining.

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Amazon will begin to stream NFL games for Prime users

amazon streaming nfl games

The cool news: Amazon has signed a deal to stream ten Thursday night NFL games for its Prime users. The bad news: these games are always objectively the worst games of the week.

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‘Mad Men’ Creator Matthew Weiner returning to TV with an Amazon series

matthew weiner amazon

The creator of Mad Men is returning to television, so long as we continue to use television as an antiquated signifier. Matthew Weiner has signed a deal with Amazon to bring an anthology series to the company’s streaming service.

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‘The Departed’ being made into Amazon TV series

the departed

The Departed, also known as High Religion to some of the people in my state, and the Bane of Many of our Existences, is being made into a TV series.

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Watch: Two clips from ‘The Tick’ pilot on Amazon Video


The Tick is back! Here are some clips!

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Amazon Prime offering 20% off of new game releases

fuck yes

Man, this is great goddamn news for me. I rock Amazon Prime for everything, from KY Jelly to socks. From books I’ll never read to video games. To its streaming service! So I’m already all-in on Prime. But I’m still fucking stoked that Amazon is continuing to sweeten the pot. The company is offering 20 futzing percent off of new games, and as someone who *always* buys them through their service, and buys way too many games, this is tremendous.

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Nicolas Winding Refn’s ‘The Neon Demon’ picked up by Amazon for theater distribution and streaming

The Neon Demon

The war between Netflix and Amazon continues. The former snagged the rights to Beasts of No Nation this year, and Amazon has answered by procuring the rights to the next Winding Refn jam.

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Hulu announces they won’t allow binge-watching of their new slate of shows


Hulu ain’t down with binge-watching. The company has announced that you won’t be able to plow through their upcoming slate of offerings in one sitting, instead reverting back to that dusty, moth-covered TV model you all hate. My knee-jerk reaction is to say this is “fucking stupid” and “retrograde.” But you know what? I’ve really enjoyed the hype and conversation that comes with having to wait every week for a new episode of certain shows. Namely, last year’s True Detective. And Mr. Robot this year. There are certainly pros and cons to both models, and while I think they’re going to face a large backlash for this, I’m not holding one of the pitchforks.

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