Drew Struzan’s ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ Poster: Finn got himself a laser sword!


Oh, this makes me tingle so much.

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Cosplay: Lady Ryu Hayabusa from ‘Ninja Gaiden’


Ain’t this some glorious Rule 63 Ryu Hayabusa cosplay.

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Rosario Dawson cast in Marvel’s ‘DAREDEVIL’ TV show

Rosario Dawson

Rosario Dawson has join the cast of Marvel and Netflix’s upcoming Corporate Synergy Butt Baby of love, Daredevil. This news is perfectly fine by me. My crush on Ms. Dawson has persisted at a quiet, unacknowledged simmer for over a decade now.

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‘KUNG FURY’ TRAILER: Time-Travelling Gnarly Karate

Kung Fury.

Adolph Hitler. Thor. 1980’s cop movies. Viking babes. Dinosaurs. Kung Fury is poised to be the Blood Dragon equivalent of movies. I’m in.

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Wai halo.

Jesus save me from my sins. Lords of Kobol purge these dark, strongly erotic thoughts. Bayonetta cosplay has once again reared its gorgeous head, and my loins seethe.

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Cosplay: ‘GHOST IN THE SHELL’ cosplay is LATEX/CYBORG fusion.

Ghost in the Shell cosplay.

Yep. I vote yes on this cosplay. I would let her stick her Ethernet cable in my router port. Or something. Whatever. Just check it out.

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‘IRON MAN 3’ TV Spot: The Mandarin, Robot Suits, Guy Pearce


Iron Man 3 is going to feature no less than three-hundred thousand people in robot suits. That’s my hunch, and this trailer confirms it.

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Cosplay: MORE FEM SHEPARD, more all the time.

This FemShep is wonderful.

Shepard may be done with her part in the cosmos, but that doesn’t mean that cosmos is done with Shepard cosplay. What is the point of salvaging the wreckage of the galaxy, if we cannot bask in the glory of FemShep?

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[IT’S BACK UP] ‘IRON MAN 3’ TV SPOT: JFC, Pepper Potts in the suit.

God bless.

Oh shit, they’re dropping R.E.S.C.U.E. (or something like it) on our ass in Iron Man 3? This movie needs to be inside me. Also, apologies for the completely irrelevant picture. Miles away from a copy of Photoshop at the moment.

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HBO’S CEO says an HBO Go bundle with broadband package could work. Could.

Cable packages. As evil as this prick.

It is the great problem of our time. Everybody wants to watch Game of Thrones, and ain’t nobody wanting to pay for the television package that will grant it. The general response is to either download it, pay for the corpulent package, or borrow someone else’s HBO GO password. A more progressive solution would be for HBO to offer a standalone HBO Go service. This has seemed like a pipe dream, but HBO’s CEO has warmed to the idea. A little bit. A smidgen  Let me dream.

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