Microsoft has rebranded Xbox Live as Xbox Network for dumb and silly reasons!

microsoft xbox live xbox network

Listen, at the end of the day I don’t give two flying fucks about what Xbox Live is called. Is that because I’m always going to call it Xbox Live? Yup! But if you’re concerned about accuracy, motherfucker, it’s called Xbox Network now. K!

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Dude who founded Xbox Live has left Microsoft


I know, I know. You think XBL, you think slurs and adolescence. I get it. But still — imagine being the motherfucker who conceived and implemented the gaming juggernaut online service bonanza (at least last generation)? Boyd Multerer is that dude. And he’s outtie-5000 from Microsoft.

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5 YEAR-OLD totally exposes gnarly XBOX LIVE SECURITY FLAW


Oh fuck! Oh shit! We got ourselves another Zero Cool on our hands. A five year-old recently found a way to circumvent XBOX Live’s security, rigging a way around the need for a password. Well done, little man. No come over here, ’cause I got some porn sites I need you to crack.

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NSA totally has spies in ‘WORLD OF WARCRAFT.’

Really awesome spies.

This doesn’t surprise anyone, right? That the NSA has spies in World of Warcraft, Xbox Live, and other gaming conduits? I mean, I don’t know how much creepy shit is lurking within the corridors of Iron Forge, but it wouldn’t surprise me if it served as a meeting place for unsavory characters.

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MICROSOFT dropping charging DEVELOPERS for game updates. Competition GET.

Steve Ballmer is ready.

Microsoft is dropping their policy of charging game developers for patches, and other updates. Pretty neat. The cost apparently was significant, and if I recall correctly drove away indie studios from patching their games and the such. Was it Fez that gave up being patched? I think? Anyways — neat.

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Microsoft hires CBS EXECUTIVE to make original content for Xbox. This can ONLY BE AWFUL.

Things that none of us using XBL have ever said: man, I wish that the service had original content. Yet another mind-numbing romantic comedy or the sort. Executives, however, are ever blind to what we actually want.

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MICROSOFT Is Going to “Further Monetize” Xbox Live This Holiday Season. ADS IN YOUR BRAIN.

I don’t usually admit this, but what Microsoft requires you to pay for  on Xbox Live is bullshit. Feel a bit guilty in intimating that. It’s double-bullshit now that they have horrible (albeit expected) ads across the dashboard. If the LinkedIn profile of some Microsoft Money Wizard is correct, we ain’t seen nothing yet.

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New York State Removes Sex Offenders From Xbox Live. Sensibility ++

This makes almost too  much sense. New York State went out of their way this week to remove registered sex offenders from Xbox Live.

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FABLE: HEROES Turns RPG Series Into Brawler. Looks 10x Better

No one really gives a fuck about the Fable  franchise besides  Peter Molyneux. Don’t lie. You don’t. You don’t. It’s tepid at best. Filler at its least threatening. However in a week of leaks, Xbox.com has let forth info on  Fable: Heroes  early. First impressions? It’s an arcadey co-op brawler. It looks awesome.

Hit the jump for images.

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Home Robbery Happens During Xbox Live Match, Other Gamer Notifies Police. Community!

During the wee hours of Tuesdays morning, a dude was engaged in some quality Xbox-ing when his home was broken into. It was dire circumstances! However, thanks to the quality community of Xbox Live (lol right?), the police were notified.

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