‘Deadpool 2’ Trailer: We’ll Be Known As…X-Force (Isn’t That A Little Derivative?)

I really want this movie to be good. And, while you can’t judge anything based on on them for certain, this trailer certainly does entertain me.

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‘X-Force’ movie to be written and directed by Drew Goddard. This is so damn good.

x force movie drew goddard write direct

Drew Goddard got chops, dude. You can taste his chops in Cabin in The WoodsDaredevil (the show), The Martian, among others. Soon, though. Soon you’ll be able to taste his, uh, X-chops. Dude has signed on to write and direct the X-Force movie, which will star Deadpool and Cable.

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Deadpool Will Star In ‘X-Force’ Movie, Obviously

deadpool starring in x-force

Deadpool is Fox’s big mutant money maker these days. Especially now that Hugh Jackman’s swan song as Logan has hit the theaters, ruined us, run off into the sunset. So yes, it makes perfect sense that he’s starring in the X-Force movie.

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Fox Sets Dates For Two Mystery Marvel Movies

fox marvel movie dates

Fox has set the date for two mystery Marvel movies. You like that? “Mystery” movies. That’s how we phrase it these days. They’re definitely not just unannounced. Mysteries!

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Confirmed: ‘X-Force’ movie coming, female Wolverine “X-23” may be involved

Uncanny X-Force #28.

I would happily, happily! take an X-Force movie that is even remotely connected to Rick Remender’s righteous run. Compounding my excitement about this movie is the news that Bryan Singer ain’t involved in it.

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Cosplay: This Domino from ‘X-Force’ nails the bullseye.


Domino. Always a sultry character. Its Raining Neon. Always a fantastic cosplayer. Smash them together and boom~ or something.

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The ‘X-FORCE’ MOVIE will feature a 5-Person team. Plus! So many pouches.

Motherfucking Cable, nephew!

Rob Liefeld needs to be the artistic director on this son of a bitch. Just totally lay out some gorgeous costumes with like a million-pouches. Every character played by Vin Diesel (forget the Avengers 2), after we stack on some serious muscles. ‘Cause, you know. Ain’t the X-Force unless it has anatomy-breaking muscles and pouches.

(Unless it’s Uncanny X-Force.)

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Didn’t see this one coming. Of course, I don’t see many things coming. It’s difficult to divine the future from my dungeon. All I see are but slithers of light through the blinds. Gentle light, illuminating my bedsores (barely) and meat-shrine to Jennifer Lawrence (barely).

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Cosplay: X-FORCE…Assembled! Sadly With Little Blood.

Oh shit! It’s the X-Force! All ready to decapitate your ass and dance in your blood! Don’t look now though, ’cause it seems Beast is totally waking up and probably has nougats of crap still dingleberrying out of his boxers. Photographed by the prolific as fuck    LJinto.

Cosplay: Psylocke Is Hnng X-Forcefully Affecting My Regions.


[Cosplayed by Mostflogged  | Via]

I’m a pig, I know, et cetera. Can’t help it. Love this cosplay.