WIZARD Teams Up With ‘THE SITUATION’ For Comic And Convention Appearances. Ah, F**k You.

Piss on my childhood and call it a water sports party! My lord. I know that Wizard is having a rough go of it, but this smacks of tanning beds and serious  desperation. The company that once governed me through many a sweaty summer vacations with their articles and pricing guides are thudding at the floor of the well.

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It was a dark day indeed last year when Gareb Shamus killed off Wizard and then not much later (especially in the galactic sense!) resigned as Chief-Something-Such and rode off into the sunset on a life-sized neon Tauntaun he himself had sold through ToyFare. Sure the dude had run Wizard into the ground and really hadn’t done anything in Gods knows how long, he was still our Dad. Now we’re going to meet the Step Dad and I say fuck him!

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Gareb Shamus Resigns As President Of Wizard World. Childhood Weeps.

…And so they fall! Gareb Shamus used to be a beast of the comics world, running the ubiquitous Wizard World magazine. God, I loved that son of a bitch back in the day. Now the man is within castle nor throne, nor magazine. He has resigned as president of the entire enterprise.

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