‘Super Mario Bros.’ Movie Getting Limited Edition Blu-Ray


The Super Mario Bros. movie is getting a limited edition Blu-Ray. Oh man. I was just talking about this movie with my dad a couple of weeks ago. It was horrible — but I was young and loved it. It was horrible — but he was convinced (probably rightfully) that the actress was a babe to placate fathers taking their kids to the movies. Now! We can relive this experience, together, but maybe the actress will placate me as well? Bonding, man, over breasts. As well-established a tradition as any.

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‘Game of Thrones’ Prequel Still In Development At HBO

game of thrones prequel

That Game of Thrones Prequel series that has been bandied about for a couple of years is still in development, according to HBO.

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Leaked: ‘Deadpool’ Test Footage featuring Ryan Reynolds


All the leaks! This time it’s some leaked Deadpool test footage, which I imagine was conjured to try and sell The Suits on the Merc with a Mouth getting his own movie. Me? I think it’s pretty neat. Ain’t judging the CG since it’s, you know, test footage. But the meta, the absurd violence, I think they’d be on the right track.

What say you?

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DEATHLOK coming to ‘AGENTS OF SHIELD.’ Cyborgasm?


A little late on this tip, but whatever. Last night I was busy playing Mass Effect for the 35th time, before watching like nine episodes of Gurren Lagann with Bateman. So yeah! You know this! But let’s talk about it anyways. You pricks.

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CAPTAIN AMERICA becoming president of the ULTIMATE UNIVERSE. Sharks! Be jumped!

I love me some Sam Humphries. I love me some Ultimately Ultimate Ultimate Squad. I don’t know if I’m going to love them pitching Captain America as president to be, but I’m willing to give it a try. For Sammy. And his gorgeous afro. Plus his writing skills, there are always those. And the idea that the Ultimate universe plays for keeps, nephew! For keeps! I’m just rambling now.

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