Wachowskis’ ‘Sense8’ Trailer: A Matrix of Minds

Wachowski’s Netflix series ‘SENSE8’ gets some deets.

The Wachowskis.

Despite breaking my heart with the Matrix sequels, the Wachowskis are always capable of exciting me. I don’t understand the phenomena, I’m just learning to live with it. So yeah, I’m excited for Sense8.

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The Wachowskis are fucking hilarious at this point. Just…man. Just amazingly corny motherfuckers. Watching them trying to struggle to say something of interest after ripping off something like twenty-five years of geek culture in The Matrix has gone from painful to entertaining. The latest ball of hilarity is Jupiter Ascending. Which I’m guessing was written in 1992. Judging from you know, the same old cyberpunk fetish wear the siblings like. Plus! ROLLERBLADEZING HEROES.

Oh lordy. Hit the jump.

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The WACHOWSKIS developing TV series called ‘SENSE8’

I wasn’t sold on the whole Cloud Atlas thing until I caught a trailer for it before Looper. Then I was all intrigued and shit! What is goig on? Dost I maybe dig the duo still? So yeah. Maybe the Wachowskis have rallied. Or at least gotten a bit ambitious. Now if they could pull off a space opera on TV? Goodness me.

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Rumor: Is This The Plot Of The Wachowski’s ‘JUPITER RISING’? I Hope So, Shit’s Bananas.

The Wachowskis have wrapped – I think – on their Cloud Atlas  banana cakes novel adaptation. This means that it is time for them to begin engaging their derivation engines and churning out Jupiter Rising. Per all their usual excessive  secret, not much has been known about the flick. Until now.

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Wachowskis Still Working On ‘JUPITER ASECENDING’, Channing Tatum and Mila Kunis Offered Leads

The Wachowskis have been trying for a while to get their flick Jupiter Ascending  off the ground. After struggling with it for a good amount of time they shifted gears and turned their eyes towards adapting Cloud Atlas. With that whole dealio winding down, they’re going to give Ascending  another go.

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Wachowskis Want Natalie Portman For Sci-Fi Flick ‘Jupiter Ascending’. Do It!

The  Wachowskis are busy these days, after a near-decade of living down their deplorable Matrix sequels. That’s the problem with stealing every awesome trope ever!, you can’t seemingly pull it off again. #Bitter. Maybe they’ve refilled the vault of Intellectual Ideas, pilfered some new dope ones. Whatever the case, they want Natalie Portman for a new flick of theirs.

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