AMC and Universal have announced 17-Day theatrical window agreement. 17-Days! Holy shit.

amc universal 17 day theatrical window

Perhaps expectedly, AMC and Universal have squashed their beef. But, man! The, uh, squashing is wild. The two companies have agreed to a mere 17-Day theatrical window for Universal flicks before they can go VOD.

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Helen Mirren cast in ‘Fast 8’, best movie ever confirmed

helen mirren

Helen Mirren is joining Fast 8. Which, if they provide her with dope cars to drive, and stellar guns to shoot, means the movie is officially the best movie ever made by human or A.I.

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‘Battlestar Galactica’ Movie News: ‘Westworld’ writer adapting, Francis Lawrence maybe directing


This is uh, this is news. I don’t really think Francis Lawrence is a good director, and all we’ve heard about Westworld is that it’s been a production calamity. So, yeah. Take this news however you wish.

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Teaser Poster For EDGAR WRIGHT’S ‘THE WORLD’S END’ Proves Flick Is Really Real

Hell yeah. Teasing tips everywhere this weekend at Comic-Con is a poster for Edgar Wright’s The World’s End. It ain’t much, but it is enough.

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