Michael Caine says he once spent eight years trying not to blink. Absolute fucking madman, no?

michael caine eight years not blinking

Apparently motherfucking Michael Caine spent eight years trying not to blink. With this news stuffed into my gullet, I’d like to think this project is why he was so gloriously fucking unhinged in On Deadly Ground. Maybe, maybe not. Either way, that movie is a fucking delight.

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‘Riverdale’ Teaser Trailer: Archie And Friends Go Sexy Murder Mystery

Here’s a Riverdale teaser trailer for you all. I, uh, I don’t know? I don’t read Archie or watch CW. This, this is pretty far outside my wheelhouse. But um, should you be fans of either, I hope you enjoy this.

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Angela Lansbury in talks to join ‘Game of Thrones’; No, seriously.


Angela Lansbury seems like a totally *natural* fit for, uh, Game of Thrones. Right?

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Search Engine Terms: Breasts Vomiting

[Search Engine Terms come from an app in the Word Press dashboard. It tells you the terms that people are using in google to lead to your site. Most of ours are ultra depraved and horrible. And amusing to sick people like me.]

Well then, apparently I’ve learned a new (impossible) fetish.

First Shot of Ryan Reynolds In The Green Lantern Suit; Begin Worrying?

[via slashfilm : click to enlarge]

Oh lord. Here’s the first shot of Ryan Reynolds as Green Lantern. Much like I’m floating the entire accompaniment of dorks in the Thor picture from yesterday a pass, I’ll try and do the same for Reynolds. Maybe he won’t look as douchey when he’s in context. Flying around. Being dumb Ryan Reynolds.

Or something.