‘Dark Souls’ Streamer Beats Game Without Taking A Hit


I actually caught this last night, thanks to a NeoGaf thread. A Dark Souls streamer beat the game without taking a fucking hit. Now, I’ve never played the game. But I’ve been told that it is hard as fuck. It was a wild moment to watch, as he waded into the final boss battle, with 4,000 of us watching. No pressure, right? And dude did it. Dude did it.

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Weekend Open Bar: We’re trying to plug a hole in the universe!

plugging a hole

Ah! A toast to the Elder Ones for allowing me to make it to another Weekend. I am currently caught in some sort of time-displacement, shuffling between the expansion and contraction of Linear-ExistenSpace. Weeks that fly by, while feeling draining. Moments that drag on, while evaporating at impressive speeds. But that’s neither here nor there, for the next couple of days! It’s the Weekend! And with that comes the Open Bar.

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Netflix, Hulu, and Twitch coming to Samsung Gear VR


Do you want your Netflix in 360-degrees? Maybe you can look down at your virtual belly and see virtual crumbs? Well, you’re going to be able (to probably not) do that soon! On Samsung’s Gear VR.

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YouTube Gaming launches today, with website and mobile apps


Twitch got you down? Looking to explore a bit with another partner? Then how about some YouTube Gaming in your diet? Does this new platform appeal to any of you who do some streaming? Why or why not?

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Amazon buying Twitch for $970 f**king million


Bet you thought Google had all that Twitch goodness tied-up, didn’t you? I certainly did, especially with Twitch’s new policies and shit smacking of draconian YouTube bullshit. But it appears that a new ch-ch-challenger has entered the capitalist arena, with Amazon winning the rights to Twitch. For $970 fucking million.

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Report: YOUTUBE buyin’ TWITCH for $1 Billion Smackers

Make it rain!

Good god damn! YouTube is acquiring Twitch, the popular-as-fuck streaming gaming video watching service. Thing. Like, yeah. Where you watch the ass-lords try to be entertaining while playing World of Warcraft or inFamous: Second Son or whatever.

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