‘Dark Souls’ Streamer Beats Game Without Taking A Hit


I actually caught this last night, thanks to a NeoGaf thread. A Dark Souls streamer beat the game without taking a fucking hit. Now, I’ve never played the game. But I’ve been told that it is hard as fuck. It was a wild moment to watch, as he waded into the final boss battle, with 4,000 of us watching. No pressure, right? And dude did it. Dude did it.


People have finished Dark Souls in a number of bizarre ways, from tapping bongos to flipping the perspective upside down. The most impressive yet, however, may be Twitch streamer The Happy Hobbit downing From Software’s challenging action RPG without getting hit a single time.

This isn’t something The Happy Hobbit cooked up overnight. He’s been trying (and failing) to make his way through Dark Souls without being hit for weeks.