Tom Hanks starring in sci-fi movie ‘Bios’ by a ‘Game of Thrones’ director. Remember Tom Hanks?

tom hanks bios game of thrones director

Man, I haven’t given a fuck about Tom Hank in a hot, quiet minute. But, I suppose the dude still exists. Not only that, but said-forgotten-and-now-remembered actor is starring in a movie helmed by one of the more prominent Game of Thrones directors.

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COEN BROTHERS rewriting SPIELBERG’S Cold War Project. Confluence of awesome.

Coen Brothers.

It’s a power couple! Made up of three people! A Domination Triangle? Eh, whatever. The Coen Brothers are rewriting a script for Stevey Spielberg based on a true-life Cold War drama. I am fucking sold already, folks. Sold. Already.

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Wachowski’s ‘CLOUD ATALAS’ Screened At Cannes, Is Almost Three Hours Long.

I have no clue what the novel Cloud Atlas  is about. No damn clue. Everything I know about it has been derived from reading news reports about the Wachowski’s adaptation of it, and all these news bits tell me its a bit of an unwieldy tome. So I’m not surprised that the pig is coming in at nearly three hours. The good news? It may actually deliver.

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The Dude’s High 5s: Top 5 Movie Character’s Death Scenes

Last week I took a pounding for hating on some classic movies.   Except the Hangover … seems most of the super intelligent OL crowd didn’t fall for that movie.   This week I want to move on to happier topics, like death.   What makes a good death scene?   Dying for ones beliefs and convictions?   Sure, that’ll do.   Giving some epic prose before sloughing off this mortal coil?   Sure, that’s a good one too.   I think that a great death scene has meaning.   This means that we have to care about the characters, no easy feat.   So here they are, my top 5 Death Scenes.

Just be warned, there are spoilers ahead for the following movies: Star Wars, LA Confidential, Saving Private Ryan, Blade Runner, and Highlander: End Game.

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Tom Hanks To Produce Six-Season Adaptation of Gaiman’s ‘American Gods.’

The whispered-about, rumored-about HBO adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s American Gods is officially a fucking go. Tom Hanks and his totally mint production team are planning a six-season adaptation.

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The Wachowskis And Tom Hanks Team-Up For ‘Cloud Atlas.’

I’m probably alone on this, but I fucking miss The Wachowskis. Sure, the Matrix sequels were heartbreaking, but they essentially made V for Vendetta, and I thought Speed Racer was fucked-up, absurd madness. A  sugary mindfuck that seems like a progenitor to Scott Pilgrim.

So I’m pretty stoked at the news that they’ll be teaming up with Tom Hanks for ‘Cloud Atlas.’

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