The Russo Brothers sign with Amazon to develop some ambitious ‘global television franchise’ whatever the fuck that means

russo brothers amazon global television franchise

What we know: The Russo Brothers’ next project will be for Amazon, and it’s going to be a “global television franchise” apparently. What that means: who the fuck knows. But, it’s the Russo Brothers. They’ve been glossing my asshole (that’s a good thing, I promise) for more than a half-decade. So I’m fucking sold.

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Russo Bros. would be interested in a ‘Secret Wars’ movie after Fox/Disney deal goes through

russo brothers secret wars movie

Man. Russo Bros., I assume you’re just spitballing here. But, don’t fucking play with my heart. I would goddamn love if you dudes chaperoned a Secret Wars adaptation.

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The Russo Brothers directing Noah Hawley’s next FX Series, ‘The Mastermind’

russo brothers noah hawley fx the mastermind

The Russo Brothers and Noah Hawley working on anything, alone, is enough to get me excited. Them working together on a new TV series? I’m fucking pumped. Jacked, even.

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The Russo Brothers bringing ‘The Warriors’ to Hulu in new series


The Warriors. Just, uh, lends itself to a series on Hulu. Sure?

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Report: Russo Brothers directing ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ Part 1 and Part 2

Infinity War.

For months it has been speculated, thought, and everything but confirmed that the Russo Brothers would take the Avengers Reins from Joss Whedon following Age of Ultron. What was rumored seems poised to come to pass.

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Dumb Speculation: Russo Brothers sign Sony deal; mayhaps rebooting ‘Spider-Man’

The Russo Brothers.

Maybe it ain’t Drew Goddard rebooting Spider-Man? Maybe it’s the Russo Brothers. Men behind Cap 2 and Cap: Civil War. You know, the movie everyone is sweating Spider-Man to appear in. Now they’ve signed a deal with Sony, home of The Spider-Men. Could these be the dudes to reboot Spidey?

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Rumor: Russo Brothers to direct ‘Avengers 3’ and ‘Avengers 4’

The Russo brothers.

Last night the RDJ+CP3=MCU’sCW news broke. And while I dug it, I agreed with most who were all “Wait, Civil War, already?” But what I was hoping (OH HOPES OF HOPE) was that Cap 3 was merely the jumping-off point for Cinematic Civil War. The kick-off, the impetus, the boiling point. And if the rumors of the Russo Brothers maybe/sorta directing the next two Avengers movies are true, it would help perpetuate my hope. Sanctify it. In blood and comic book flesh and the mewling whimper of a decaying star’s doomed infancy.

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‘Captain America: The Winter Soldier’ International Trailer: Bad guys shoot at you

the bad guys shoot at yo

Captain America: The Winter Soldier got an International Trailer. Smidgen of new footage. An added laugh. IDGAF, I’m smitten.

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