Tuesday Afternoon Commute: #infinity is an illusion

infinity is an illusion

I’ve spent the last week wondering what the fuck I’m doing. Let me tell you — the life of an adjunct is brutal. I stand a mere seven days away from starting a semester, and I don’t know what classes I’m teaching. How many, what time, their subject level. And I stand and I gaze into myself and I wonder why I put myself through such rigors. Every semester. The answers are obvious but when you’re stressed, when you have a haunting sense of not pulling your share of the financial weight, when you have a new mortgage, they seem to evaporate before they have any chance of distilling into anything appreciable.

Lord, I don’t know.

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Retailer goes to bat for Hideo Kojima in their store’s ‘Metal Gear Solid 5’ promotional materials

HIDEO KOJIMA continues trolling us with INSANE ‘PHANTOM PAIN’ interview.


This is utter madness ratcheted up to the Nth degree. When The Phantom Pain’s trailer dropped last year, people were confused. What the fuck was this game? Who was this mysterious developer? No one really knew. After some scratching at the surface however, details began to emerge. Slowly, the mystery resolved itself. Resolved itself right into the maniacal face of Hideo Kojima. A recent interview with Joakim Mogren who is the alleged creator of the game only continues this insanity.

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Rumor: ‘METAL GEAR SOLID 5’ secretly announced at SPIKE VGA. Oh, Kojima!

At the Spike VGA, the game The Phantom Pain was revealed. Ain’t nobody had heard of it, or its developer, and this was a bit of a head scratcher. It is not usual for such a sexy looking entity to come out of nowhere. What if, folks, there was more to this story! What if, that title was actually Metal Gear Solid V? It would be so fucking Kojima, that’s what.

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