Ben Affleck also returning as Batman for ‘The Flash’ movie and it’s a goddamn party, baby!

ben affleck the batman the flash movie

Michael Keaton ain’t the only dude returning as Bruce Wayne in The Flash movie. Nope! Ben Affleck is returning as well! Fucking wild. I love it. I love it!

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‘The Flash’ standalone movie depending on success of ‘Justice League’ so good luck with that

the flash standalone justice league movie

I know it may actually sound fairly optimistic for me, but I have no idea how good Justice league will be. This is optimistic for me, since I was calling it a certifiable turd bouquet nine months ago. But, then Joss Whedon took over. Is the movie going to be good? No fucking idea. But the Flash movie apparently really hopes so.

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‘The Flash’ movie gets new script, by, uh, the dude who wrote ‘King Arthur’

the flash movie new script king arthur writer

The Flash continues to tumble along in development hell, in case you forgot the movie even existed. However, perhaps its stay in hell is coming to an end, as the movie has picked up a new script. Nice! By the writer of King Arthur.Oh, Jesus fucking Christ.

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Phil Lord and Chris Miller met with DC about ‘The Flash’ movie during ‘Han Solo’ hiatus

phil lord chris miller the flash movie

During their Han Solo movie hiatus, which then transformed into their firing, Phil Lord and Chris Miller met with DC films to discuss The Flash movie. They had previously been attached, then dropped off. Fuck, man. I’m all about them joining the troubled production, and righting that ship.

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‘The Flash’ Movie Loses Director Rick Famuyiwa

Rick Famuyiwa the flash

Well, I’m significantly less excited about the upcoming Flash movie. The film has lost its *second* director, Rick Famuyiwa. A filmmaker who caught my eye with his light, clever movie Dope.

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