‘Terminator 6’ First Look: Linda Hamilton and her boomstick have gloriously returned

linda hamilton shotgun first look terminator 6

I don’t know, man. There are a lot of reasons to not be excited for Terminator 6. But, I can’t feel them fucking resonating within me. Instead, I’m just fully fucking stoked for the return of Linda Hamilton.

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Next ‘Terminator’ movie casts ‘Halt and Catch Fire’ and ‘Blade Runner 2049’ star Mackenzie Davis

terminator 6 mackenzie davis

Wait, what the fuck is going on. Am I seriously getting roped into being excited for Terminator 6? God dammit. But, what else should I do? Be skeptical! Oh, I could be. But, the cast! Arnold and Hamilton returning! With Mackenzie Davis joining! And, the director! Tim Miller! Fuck it, why not be excited. I can always be let down in the end. Right?

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‘Deadpool’ director Tim Miller is officially helming ‘Terminator 6’, a franchise which simply cannot die

deadpool tim miller terminator 6

Tim Miller is a pretty cool director. Terminator used to be a pretty cool franchise. Can the former resurrect the latter? I’m fucking skeptical, but I’m also fucking hopeful.

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Next ‘Terminator’ Movie Cancelled, Arnold Schwarzenegger Done With Franchise

terminator movie cancelled arnold schwarzenegger gone

Wait for it. The next Terminator movie has been…Wait. Wait. Wait. Terminated! Fuck, fuck I hate myself. And, should the franchise ever come back, it will be without Schwarzenegger.

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