Schwarzenegger announces ‘Terminator 5’ is officially titled ‘Terminator Genisys’ lol okay


Movie titles don’t fucking matter if the movie is good. That’s an empirical fact. Stated by Einstein. Verified by Oppenheimer. But man, still. Termintor Genisys? Amazing.

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FIFTH ‘TERMINATOR’ is a REBOOT dropping June 26, 2015

The Terminator.

The fifth Terminator flick is coming! Is anyone excited for this movie? No? Well, how about this! What if I told you it was a reboot? Eh? We all fucking love those! Wee!

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The Rock.

It is no secret that I am a fan of The Rock. Let the tattoo of his perfect porcelain smile on my left ass cheek remind you. Let the burn-in of his Greatest Hits DVD on my plasma screen remind you. So fuck yeah, I am totally in line with giving the dude a role in the fifth Terminator movie.

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Arnold confirms he is doing ‘TERMINATOR 5’, no one is really surprised.

WTF, I ain't got anything better to do.

Of course Arnold is doing Terminator 5. What the fuck else is the guy going to do? The Last Stand bombed. He doesn’t have a state to govern. His only claim to relevancy is a franchise that was awesome 22 years ago, and is nothing more than a relic to most of the kinds graduating high school. Arnold needs Terminator 5.

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Justin Lin Wants To Bring Back Sarah Connor For ‘Terminator 5’. Hell Yeah.

I’m going to continue to throw my chips in with Justin Lin’s potential Terminator 5. At the very least I’m expecting a movie with some terrific action, and at best it could be a legitimately dope installment in the series. Lin continues to talk shop regarding the project, and he’s expressed interest in bringing back Sarah Connor. Whoop whoop!

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Arnold Schwarzenegger Attached To ‘Terminator 5’, Praise Skynet!

If the Governator or whatever wasn’t enough to get your  Schwarzenegger-tip glossy, then you should be excited by this news. Arnold is now attached to a ‘Terminator 5’ project that is being shopped around Hollywood. Is this a good thing or a bad thing? Yes!

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