New seasons of ‘Jessica Jones’, ‘Daredevil’ and ‘Punisher’ not dropping until 2018


Going to have to wait a long time for that follow-up to Jessica Jones and Daredevil and the premiere of Punisher. 2018, to be exact. Makes sense though, what, with Defenders coming next year. And the series ostensibly starring all of those…stars.

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Maybe: Marvel bringing ‘Punisher’ series to Netflix

Punisher hasn’t even debuted on Daredevil yet, but the sociopathic vigilante is already a favorite on the NetterWebs. Marvel ain’t deaf to the fervor the character is generating, and apparently they may be giving BigPun his own series. A rumor broke-out over the weekend that they totally were, but Netflix’s Chief Content Czar has responded with a totally maybe okay chill. My interpretation? It’s coming. But down the line.

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Netflix Czar: ‘Arrested Development’ Season 5 negotiations are “underway”


I have to imagine that we’re going to get a fifth season of Arrested Development at some point. When that will be is slave to a couple of things. One, like, when the actors’ schedules permit. And two, like, when these negotiations are done. But I have to imagine it’s so mutually beneficial to both Netflix and the cast that it will happen.

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Adam Sandler movies (and ‘Crouching Tiger 2’) being made for Netflix

Adam Sandler.

Apparently Netflix is getting into the fucking insipid movie business. The company has signed into a four-movie deal with Adam *Reference To A Movie From Years Ago* Sandler. Somewhat more positively, Netflix is giving life to a Crouching Tiger sequel. Which like the world didn’t ever need, but I suppose hey whatever positalk or whatever.

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NETFLIX in talks for a third ‘HOUSE OF CARDS’ season

House of Cards.

Huzzah! A few weeks back it was reported that House of Cards wasn’t going to span past a second season. Well! Not if Netflix has anything to say about it. Apparently the Streaming Service That Can is in talks to bring the son of a bitch back for a third. You know what I say? Back up the truck! The Money Truck!

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