Netflix Czar: ‘Arrested Development’ Season 5 negotiations are “underway”


I have to imagine that we’re going to get a fifth season of Arrested Development at some point. When that will be is slave to a couple of things. One, like, when the actors’ schedules permit. And two, like, when these negotiations are done. But I have to imagine it’s so mutually beneficial to both Netflix and the cast that it will happen.

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It says quite a lot about the perfection of “Arrested Development” that the first three seasons of the show are relentlessly quotable, endlessly rewatchable and have provided some of the finest comedy ever delivered on the small screen. And it speaks equally to the wobbly fourth season which debuted on Netflix two years ago that it doesn’t have the same level of reverence and cultural recognition as the prior three. But perhaps the fifth season will get things back on track.

Netflix confirmed what had been long rumored today —the company is working to get a fifth season of “Arrested Development” on their streaming service. “We are plugging along,” Ted Sarandos said today. “It’s a very long, complex deal to make for these guys, both because the talent is very busy and working on other shows, but also because the show is owned by Fox… It is our intent to have a new season of ‘Arrested Development.’ All the negotiations are underway.”

These comments are a bit more reserved than those from producer Brian Grazer, who said last month that production would begin in January 2016 with episodes airing just months afterward. [EW]