‘Super Mario Odyssey’ is the fastest-selling Mario game ever in the United States

super mario odyssey fastest selling mario us

Man. Nintendo having a fucking year, dude.

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‘Super Mario Odyssey’ E3 Trailer: The Next Mario Oddity Is Dropping October 27th

Man. Super Mario Odyssey looks both *straight out its fucking mind* and *fantastic*, dude. I…I need a switch.

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Watch: ‘Super Mario Odyssey’ In ‘Grand Theft Auto’ Is The Nightmare You’d Expect

Seeing Mario run around vaguely realistic humans in Super Mario Odyssey was already a nightmare. So, why not double down and imagine this ill-fitting juxtaposition in Grand Theft Auto 4? There is no reason, I say! No reason!

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‘Super Mario Odyssey’ Trailer: A Sandbox Romp For The Plumber

Super Mario Odyssey has got a lot of dope stuff going on, in its trailer. Typical 3D Mario gameplay, wonderful music. It’s also got a lot of uh, weird stuff, going on. Like, seeing Mario interact with “realistic” humans, “realistic” humans who look like 1993 CGI nightmares makes me really uncomfortable. But, but uh, I’m still excited for this game.

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