‘Super Mario Odyssey’ Trailer: A Sandbox Romp For The Plumber

Super Mario Odyssey has got a lot of dope stuff going on, in its trailer. Typical 3D Mario gameplay, wonderful music. It’s also got a lot of uh, weird stuff, going on. Like, seeing Mario interact with “realistic” humans, “realistic” humans who look like 1993 CGI nightmares makes me really uncomfortable. But, but uh, I’m still excited for this game.

The Verge:

Of course Mario will appear on Nintendo’s new console. Super Mario Odyssey was first teased this past October in the reveal trailer for the Nintendo Switch. During tonight’s press event, Nintendo provided a closer look at the platformer.

“A new Mario game” is a vague label. The core Mario franchise is more like Marvel’s cinematic universe than a continuous and singular series. Just as Marvel releases multiple Iron Man and Thor movies, Nintendo releases new entries in New Super Mario Bros. and Mario Galaxy. Each branch is unique in how it expands or restrains platforming within 2D and 3D spaces.
Super Mario Odyssey appears to be a successor to Super Mario 64 and Super Mario Galaxy, in which Mario navigates large and explorable spaces. The game also features some locations inspired by the real world, including New York City (as seen in the image above).

Super Mario Odyssey is scheduled for holiday 2017.