‘Super Mario Odyssey’ E3 Trailer: The Next Mario Oddity Is Dropping October 27th

Man. Super Mario Odyssey looks both *straight out its fucking mind* and *fantastic*, dude. I…I need a switch.


Before today, we mostly knew that Super Mario Odyssey would reveal that Mario’s hat was a living being and that Mario would visit our world. Now we know the deal with that hat: It lets Mario take over pretty much anything in the game world, up to and including, apparently, dinosaurs, human beings, and taxis.

Leaving aside for the moment the philosophical implications of Mario being able to hop into people like a demon from a bad horror movie, what we see in the trailer, which is scored to a big band theme, is pretty fascinating. The gameplay centers around taking control of pretty much everything, from Bullet Bill to actual cars. We also finally get a sense of what Bowser has been up to with kidnapping Peach all those years, since we get a look at Mario, Bowser, and Peach in full wedding gear. Peach even has a bouquet of piranha plants (#romantic).

The idea of being able to take over anything in the game world is a pretty interesting mechanic, and the trailer features clever takes on how to use that idea. Even better, we won’t have to wait long to experience Mario’s demonic powers for ourselves: He arrives hat in hand on the Switch October 27th.