Monday Morning Commute: Same as it ever was!

monday morning commute same as it ever was

Talking Heads lyrics fucking speaking to me today, man. How is life during the pandemic, this week? Same as it ever was. Alternatively, the title of the song those lyrics are from is also apropos. Once in a lifetime. ‘Cause fuck me, if we have to live through this goddamn trash a second time. And okay, I’m not counting some sort of recurrent wave that’s indubitably hitting this fall. I mean, like — when it’s done.

Another week has passed. Nothing has changed, at least for the better. More morons outside. Increasing death rates, increasing infection rates. Extending stay-at-home orders in my state. The mundanity and the madness trudges forward.

Same as it ever was. Same as it will be.

However, it ain’t all bad news, motherfuckers! Nope! Nope. In fact, yesterday I recorded my final “virtual” classes for my students. All that stands between the end of the semester and me is two weeks of grading, and Zoom sessions. Not bad. Not bad at all.

I have to say, I guess I’m not depressed today, though! Small victories. Day by day. How do I know? Well, I’m actually stoked for shit. And, I’d like to tell you what I’m stoked for, friends!

This is Monday Morning Commute!

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Monday Morning Commute: (Please Stay Off The) Streets Of Rage

mmc - please stay off

You fuckin’ want one? Then meet me in the streets, brother! It’s pretty easy to find me. Follow the smell of sweaty gym balls (who fucking showers these days) until you see a goddamn calamity with a fierce mustache. Oh, you’re telling me you can’t go out into the streets? Because of a responsible respect for the quarantines across the globe? Well, count yourself lucky! ‘Cause I respect that. Instead, how about you hang the fuck out with me here at Monday Morning Commute.

In lieu of a fucking tilly, we can shoot the shit. Share what we’re delving into this week, in order to stave off boredom. Discuss what we’re smashing open across our synapses, in order to prevent the ever present sense of doom from fully consuming us.

I’ll go first, cause I started this dance. But, after you’re done checking out what I’m up to, I demand that you swing back.

It’s only fair!

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‘Streets of Rage 4’ is dropping April 30. Fuck yeah, cathartic ass-whuppings about to be doled out!

streets of rage 4 april 2020

Oh, ain’t this is a nice little surprise. Streets of Rage 4 is dropping on April 30! Just in time to give us gamers a nice little outlet to express our COVID-19…rage. Nothing like smashing some errant punk asses to achieve catharsis.

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‘Streets of Rage 4′ is bringing back the series’ original composers. The nostalgia is throbbing, dudes!

Streets of Rage 4 is shaping up to be pretty fucking wizard, ain’t it? The gameplay? Dope. And now, the music? Also dope.

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‘Streets of Rage 4’ Reveal Trailer: The classic beat-’em-up returns and this fucking rules

Holy shit, dudes. Here’s a Streets of Rage 4 reveal trailer.

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