Monday Morning Commute: Same as it ever was!

monday morning commute same as it ever was

Talking Heads lyrics fucking speaking to me today, man. How is life during the pandemic, this week? Same as it ever was. Alternatively, the title of the song those lyrics are from is also apropos. Once in a lifetime. ‘Cause fuck me, if we have to live through this goddamn trash a second time. And okay, I’m not counting some sort of recurrent wave that’s indubitably hitting this fall. I mean, like — when it’s done.

Another week has passed. Nothing has changed, at least for the better. More morons outside. Increasing death rates, increasing infection rates. Extending stay-at-home orders in my state. The mundanity and the madness trudges forward.

Same as it ever was. Same as it will be.

However, it ain’t all bad news, motherfuckers! Nope! Nope. In fact, yesterday I recorded my final “virtual” classes for my students. All that stands between the end of the semester and me is two weeks of grading, and Zoom sessions. Not bad. Not bad at all.

I have to say, I guess I’m not depressed today, though! Small victories. Day by day. How do I know? Well, I’m actually stoked for shit. And, I’d like to tell you what I’m stoked for, friends!

This is Monday Morning Commute!

[Video Games]

Video games? Same as it ever was! Bags and I have Dead Cells 1BC straight-up on fucking farm mode. I think we’re both eagerly anticipating diving into 2BC. But, for the moment? Streets of Rage 4! It’s a great diversion. Punishing some punk asses for pretending to be bad. Dealing out street justice. And haymakers.

As well, I’ve dove a bit more into Final Fantasy 7 Remake. My impressions? When it’s good, it’s really good. However, a lot of it smacks of “zip this shit up and send it to the press” throughout. Like, the side quests are flat out fucking awful. Some of the character models suck raw ass through a shit straw. But, the main missions and campaign? Glorious nostalgia porn.


Not gonna lie, friends. The ending to OMEN III was some of the most disappointing shit I’ve seen a while. The movie goes from problematic, but poignant critiques of Christianity to straight waxing its ass with its tongue. Fuck me.

However, if I hadn’t watched OMEN III the same evening, that award for most dissapointing flick in a moment would have gone to Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2. What in the absolute fuck happened to Tobe Hooper and the spirit of the original? I’m guessing: time, cocaine, and the 1980s. Woof.


Television? Same as it ever was! Seriously, though. Not really watching anything new. The Last Dance continues to be must-watch programming for any kid who grew up in the 1990s and received any shred of enjoyment from sports. Meanwhile, my wife Sam and I are watching Drive To Survive‘s first season. I had already polished it off, and was ready to dive into the second. However, she showed interest, so I doubled back to rewatch the first, before we could both enjoy the second.


More synthwave for you fuckers! This week’s hits include “Closer” by Timecop1983, “Dark Blue Sky” by FM Attack, and a more upbeat motherfucker “Final Flash” by Jordan F. I feel guilty not dabbling outside this genre as of late, but it’s a fantastic blend of relaxation, and non-intrusive. Put it on, chase the neon sunset, and feel a dash more decent.


I’m doing okay! I promise, I’m doing okay. Yesterday the weather was fantastic, and I got to tell you something. Walking the dog at dusk, it was the first time I’d be happy to alive in months. I haven’t actively wanted to not be alive! Don’t get me wrong. But, a genuine sense of contentment, and happiness with Reality? Last night it struck, and Hail Odin, it felt great.

And as I said, the semester is winding down. Fuck to the yes. I’m looking forward to a little more stress-free slumbering, a little more mental energy for my hobbies, and a little more time on my hands in general.


That’s it for me, friends. How are you? What are you up to? Let’s hang out!