Dude uses AI to give ‘Street Fighter V’ characters human faces. Haunting shit, dudes.

street fighter v ai human faces

Some dude has used an artificial intelligence called StyleCLIP to give Street Fighter V characters human faces. The results are fucking mixed, but I’m deeply, deeply on board with Guile as portrayed by fucking Gary Busey.

Hit the jump for more info and the Twitter thread!

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Cosplay: Chun-Li from ‘Street Fighter’ goes Art Nouveau

‘Street Fighter V’ Cinematic Story Trailer: Story Mode coming post launch, for free

Street Fighter V is going to get itself a story mode, but it ain’t coming until after launch. I can’t imagine this is terribly exciting and/or disappointing for fans of the franchise. Is it? Like, those of you who were buying Day One weren’t going to be expecting or wanting a story mode. Were you? I mean, I think it’s a neat addition, especially since it’s going to be free. But is that where it stops, “neat addition”? I don’t know. I’m #casual af when it comes to the series.

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‘Street Fighter ‘V dropping on PS4 on February 16th

Ready to play some Street Fighter V? Well, the wait is almost over. The fifth installment of the classic fighting game series is dropping early next year.

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Cosplay: Snow White x Sakura from ‘Street Fighter’ = Yes.

Snow White x Sakura

This…This is my everything.

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Watch: Brock Lesnar x ‘Street Fighter 2’ = Car Destruction

Watch: RYU vs JESSE from ‘BREAKING BAD’ = best fan video


This is fucking wonderful. I don’t got anything else to say. Save for “tip of the cap” to this video’s creator. He’s way more inspired and far superior to my wretched ass.

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Cosplay: Rule 63 ‘STREET FIGHTER’ cosplay to rule your Saturday

The three of them

Everything rules! C’mon and rules! Rule 63 rules! Plus that Viper lady who isn’t Rule 63. She rules!

Hit the jump for the full image. It fucking rules!

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Cosplay: CAMMY from ‘STREET FIGHTER’ goes green


Goes green? Eh, I don’t know. Yo. I’m trying to come up with headlines for cosplay. It’s arduous. And you ain’t even here to hear me blather. You’re here for the costumes and lovelies.

So just hit the jump.

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GRUNGE x STREET FIGHTER = Billy Butcher’s Latest Jam


The Butcher is back! Hacking away at favorite pop culture totems. Ripping off their limbs. Then stitching the disparate parts together into something new and wild. His latest effort is combining 1990s grunge with Street Fighter. Fuck yeah.

Hit the jump to check the artwork out.

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