‘Street Fighter V’ Cinematic Story Trailer: Story Mode coming post launch, for free

Street Fighter V is going to get itself a story mode, but it ain’t coming until after launch. I can’t imagine this is terribly exciting and/or disappointing for fans of the franchise. Is it? Like, those of you who were buying Day One weren’t going to be expecting or wanting a story mode. Were you? I mean, I think it’s a neat addition, especially since it’s going to be free. But is that where it stops, “neat addition”? I don’t know. I’m #casual af when it comes to the series.


Street Fighter V will deliver easily the most elaborate, detailed story mode in franchise history. Street Fighter V‘s story will feature dramatic, RPG-like cutscenes, which will mash the game’s characters together in interesting, unexpected ways. Some other fighting series, like Mortal Kombat, have been experimenting with this kind of stuff for a while, but this is a first for Street Fighter. You can check out a trailer above.

Just one catch – you won’t be able to play this kickass cinematic story mode at launch.

According to Capcom, the full Street Fighter V story mode will be delivered as free DLC in June. Until the full cinematic experience arrives, players will have to be content with traditional Street Fighter “character stories.” You know the drill — play through a series of fights as a character, then get a short comic book-style ending.

It’s certainly disappointing Street Fighter V will be shipping without a major feature, but I suppose a full cinematic story mode is something new to Street Fighter. Can’t miss what you’ve never had before, right? And again, the story mode will be free once it comes out, so I can’t be too irked. What are your thoughts on Capcom’s unique roll-out plan for Street Fighter V?