Steven Soderbergh’s next movie ‘Let Them All Talk’ is heading to HBO Max. Gotta love them streaming wars, eh?

steven soderbergh let them all talk hbo max

Motherfucking Steven Soderbergh! Grossly underappreciated. Or maybe not, I don’t fucking know. What do I know? I dig the dude. In fact, his quietly-released Netflix movie High Flying Bird is one of my faves of 2019. Bro said he was gonna retire, and then just sort of continued on as prolific as forever. Now, said dude is taking his talents to HBO Max. Aiight, aiight. Thanks in advance for your login, Dad.

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‘Logan Lucky’ Trailer: Soderbergh‘s Anti-Glam ‘Ocean’s Eleven’ is wonderfully insane

Another movie I had no fucking clue about, until this trailer dropped. If I’m not up to date on pop culture, I’m just a slob, as opposed to a pop culture slob. Anyways. Neither here, nor there. This movie looks fucking insane, wonderfully so, if the trailer is any indication.

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Soderbergh bringing Western mini series, ‘Godless’ to Netflix with ‘Out of Sight’ writer


Steven Soderbergh is bringing a Western mini series to Netflix, and is being joined by screenwriter Scott Frank. The two of them worked back in the day on Out of Sight, and Frank is also responsible for writing The Wolverine. So there’s that.

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LAST 2 ‘BREAKING BAD’ EPISODES in theaters? Steven Soderbergh wants it.

Breaking Bad.

Soderbergh wants the last two episodes of Breaking Bad to hit the silver screen. It is just a pipe dream, but fuck I can totally dig it. It would be excellent to watch the Final Dance of Walter White upon a glorious wall, in a theater filled with fellow Breaking Badians.

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Gina Carano Goes From ‘HAYWIRE’ To ‘FAST SIX’, Somehow Acting Of This Movie Drops.

Despite my (actual) love for the Fast and the Furious People Racing Shit  series, I’m not going to pretend the movies have good acting. Yet, I never thought they would cast someone for one of these flicks and I’d go “Man, the franchise’s acting just got worse.” First time for everything!

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