LAST 2 ‘BREAKING BAD’ EPISODES in theaters? Steven Soderbergh wants it.

Breaking Bad.

Soderbergh wants the last two episodes of Breaking Bad to hit the silver screen. It is just a pipe dream, but fuck I can totally dig it. It would be excellent to watch the Final Dance of Walter White upon a glorious wall, in a theater filled with fellow Breaking Badians.

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To be certain, Steven Soderbergh has had no shortage of ideas and opinions when it comes to the state of the current movie industry. And after putting himself out there with his now famous speech at the San Francisco International Film Festival, the director hasn’t been shy in answering followup questions, and he continues to share his thoughts on what the movies and television are doing right…and wrong. His latest brainstorm concerns a show that this summer might be an even bigger blockbuster event than anything hitting the multiplex. That’s right, we’re talking about the final season of “Breaking Bad.”

The show, which left off on a helluva cliffhanger last year, will finally let us know the fate of Walter White with eight episodes starting on August 11th on AMC. And Soderbergh thinks it would be really cool if the final two were given the big screen treatment, instead of only going down in your living room. “I thought it would be really cool to have the final two episodes of the show as a movie that aired the Friday after the penultimate episode,” he told Empire. “You’d sell that during the season – ‘See the season finale in theatres!’ – and just run it for a week, but I feel like you’d clean up. It’s never been done before.”

“It’s [in cinemas for] one week, then you can download it” he said, elaborating on his pitch, “but for the fans to have a communal viewing experience that week, that’d be super-cool.”