‘Star Wars: Episode IX’ poster has probably leaked and features some dope shit

star wars episode ix poster leak

Yo! So, there’s a Star Wars: Episode IX poster leak! I’m putting it after the jump in case you don’t want it spoiled!

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‘Episode IX’ wraps shooting and J.J. Abrams announces it with cast photo. I got all the damn feels, dudes

episode ix wraps shooting photo

Hey! It’s me! The last man on the planet (okay, aside from Rendar, Neo, Jerkface, and Bateman, I guess) stoked for Episode IX. And as the last man stoked, this picture hits me right in the groinal-feels.

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Rumor: ‘Star Wars: Episode IX’ is bringing back Ewan McGregor’s Obi-Wan and I highly fuck with this

star wars episode ix obi wan ewan mcgregor

I am one of like four people I know who is really sweating Episode IX (Rendar, Bateman, Neo, me?), and I ain’t gonna apologize! The latest rumor has Obi-Wan making an appearance in the flick, and I’m fucking down like a clown for it.

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‘Star Wars: Episode IX’ hires ‘Blade Runner 2049’ art director and LET’S GOOOOOO

episode ix star wars blade runner 2049 art director

Goddamn, this is so good. Blade Runner 2049 was visual porn, and man, bringing that sort of art talent to Episode IX? I’m sprung.

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‘Star Wars: Episode IX’ hitting theaters May 24, 2019

star wars episode ix may 24 2019

We now have an official release date for the final movie in the *latest* Skywalker trilogy. May 24, 2019.

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Daily ‘Star Wars’ Rumor: Lawrence Kasdan and Simon Kinberg spin-offs, not VIII & IX.

Hey man, as The Fucking Force Turns. Another day, another batch of rumors. Now Lawrence “Empire Strikes Back’s Daddy” and Simon Kinberg may not be writing the second and third movies in the new trilogy. They could be writing…spin-offs? Starring Lando and Han as they ball out of control, snorting Jawa Dust and slapping dames on the buttocks.

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