John Williams.

J. Willy is in the fucking house, folks! The iconic composer has been confirmed to score the next trilogy in the Star Wars saga, and here is hoping he drops more than one memorable tune in these next three movies. ‘Cause yeah, all I remember is the uber-dope “Duel of the Fates.”

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NEW ‘STAR WARS’ EVERY F**KING YEAR, starting in 2015.

Star Wars.

I imagine this is going to be a divisive development among those of us who shove lightsabers in our ass – nay, need to shove lightsabers in our ass – just to have an orgasm. Disney has dropped that they are planing on releasing a new Star Wars flick every year, starting in 2015. To this I say: fuck yes! Certainly, it may devalue the magic of the original franchise. However, it’ll also give us a copious amount of the Universe we love. And if one of the flicks sucks? Eh, maybe next year! That said, I can completely understand those who fear overexposure, and underwhelming installments.

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Rumor: ‘EMPIRE STRIKES BACK’ writer Lawrence Kasdan could script ‘EPISODE VIII & IX’?

Star Wars fans, go ahead and tug your bits to this rumor. It’s designed to titillate all your various nerd glands. There ain’t any shame, I promise. Draw the blinds, and get slushy in your pantaloons. Lawrence fucking Kasdan! Oh, and some other guy too.

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Disney: New ‘STAR WARS’ trilogy planned, treatment for EPISODE VII done.

Disney ain’t just buying Star Wars, they are making fucking moves. They aren’t just spitting about Episode VII, they’ve already got a treatment for the bastard done. Woah.

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