Disney: New ‘STAR WARS’ trilogy planned, treatment for EPISODE VII done.

Disney ain’t just buying Star Wars, they are making fucking moves. They aren’t just spitting about Episode VII, they’ve already got a treatment for the bastard done. Woah.

Indie Wire:

Want a bracing wake up call as to how things operate on the major studio level? Listen to conference call with the big shots of a major studio. During the an investor conference call  following the mind blowing news thatDisney has purhcased LucasFilm, the focus of the conversation between studio honchos and financial types assessing the purchase were all about branding, branding, branding, branding and essentially leveraging “Star Wars” as much as possibly into a money generating property for years and years to come. But within that were a few revelations worth talking about.

First and foremost, Disney revealed that “Star Wars: Episode 7” was the start of a new trilogy, with “Star Wars: Episode 8” and “Star Wars: Episode 9” to be released approximately “every other year” following 2015. And moreover, the creative process is well underway. “What we’re buying, is an extensive treatment for what would be the next trilogy,” honchos said. So basically, 2015, 2017 and 2019 look to be set for a “Star Wars” rollout.” Disney will distribute the pictures taking over from 20th Century Fox who handled those features in the past.