NEW ‘STAR WARS’ EVERY F**KING YEAR, starting in 2015.

Star Wars.

I imagine this is going to be a divisive development among those of us who shove lightsabers in our ass – nay, need to shove lightsabers in our ass – just to have an orgasm. Disney has dropped that they are planing on releasing a new Star Wars flick every year, starting in 2015. To this I say: fuck yes! Certainly, it may devalue the magic of the original franchise. However, it’ll also give us a copious amount of the Universe we love. And if one of the flicks sucks? Eh, maybe next year! That said, I can completely understand those who fear overexposure, and underwhelming installments.

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Today at CinemaConDisney announced that “Star Wars: Episode 7” would be coming in summer 2015, and that a brand new “Star Wars” movie will follow every summer, alternating between the new trilogy and the standalone offshoot films. Having paid $4 billion for Lucasfilm last fall, it’s clear Disney wants to not only recoup that cost, but also start making some mad cash, and a new “Star Wars” movie each year — combined with Marvel’s ongoing, expanding cinematic universe — is going to make the studio the pre-eminent powerhouse around town. And 2015 alone is going to be insane for Disney with both “The Avengers 2” and “Star Wars: Episode VII” dropping. Madness.

Yoda, Boba Fett and a (young) Han Solo are all expected to get their own movies (though no writers and directors have been announced yet) while details on where J.J. Abrams and co. will take the main trilogy next are under wraps (though Patton Oswalt has some suggestions). But basically, we know that six movies are coming (the next trilogy, three spinoffs) so from 2015-2020, it’s going to be geek heaven at the movies. [ComingSoon]