Rumor: Obi-Wan Kenobi movie being announced at Star Wars Celebration

obi wan kenobi movie star wars celebration

The hot rumor on the Star Wars info-web? There’s an Obi-Wan Kenobi movie announcement coming at Star Wars Celebration. Please, please, please be true. As much as I want the Star Wars mythos to spread out into unmilled terrain, I’m also a mark for Old Ben.

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Monday Morning Commute: As lonely as you let it be

SK3RTT - slimesunday

SK3RTT | slimesunday

One of the things that has struck me, on this, my wife’s fourth day away on her current business trip, is how much time I used to spend alone. Reflecting back, graduate school was just hours upon hours of me by myself, stuck in a study. Staring at a computer screen. Reading works. Contemplating bullshit academic sophistry. And, of course, writing for Omega Level.

On this, my wife’s fourth day away on her current business trip, I think I understand why I wrote so much and so openly about my cock, balls, fluids, and all sorts of weird fetishes (I still do have, but no longer flaunt so openly).

Being alone does things to you, man.

Each of these days I’ve found myself soaked in a Diet Dew haze, my hands covered in failed-children and coconut Vaseline, a stupor of unwanted freedom for a countenance. The more I seem to caffeinate, the more trips to PornHub I make, the more concerned my dog looks as I stumble around the house with my underwear around my ankles and the paper towels eluding me, the more I understand my former-self.

My former-self is really just my current-self, but far more lonely, and with far too much time on his hands.

On this, my wife’s fourth day away on her current business trip, I think I should point out to you that she’s going to be gone for another ten out of fourteen days or so.

Buckle up, good friends, OverCaffeinatedCaffeinePowered is upon you.

This is Monday Morning Commute. This is the weekly column where I list what I’m up to during a given week. I hope you’ll share what you’re doing in the comments section below. I hope you’ll keep me company. For me. For my concerned dog. For my chaffed cock and balls and crusty t-shirts and my shattered sanity and my Diet Dew-fort and my anxiety.

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Leaked: ‘Rogue One: A Star Wars Story’ Celebration Trailer: As Secure as Death Star Plans


Want the Rogue One trailer from Celebration? Even though it didn’t officially drop? Like I’ve been saying about the upcoming SDCC Guardians 2 footage, where there are geeks, there is a way. Namely, leaks. As in, the Rogue One trailer has leaked. So enjoy it.

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‘Star Wars’ Non-News: J.J. Abrams kicking off ‘Star Wars Celebration’ in “big (fucking) way”

J.J. Abrams.

Oh golly glory fucking shit-tits. Jar Jar Abrams is apparently kicking off Star Wars Celebration this April in a “big way.” Which means to this uneducated slob that the jealousy-inspiring fools in attendance are going to get some fucking Force Awakens trailer hotness.

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