Report: ‘Star Trek 4’ is shelved which is not the most gnarly thing, but alas

star trek 4 shelved

Not gonna lie! I’ve been silently lusting for Tarantino’s Star Trek. Not Star Trek 4. And yet, I’m rather bummed that the project has been shelved. Probably should have seen this coming though, right? Pine and Hemsworth both walked away last year over a contract dispute. Plus, Star Trek Beyond barely registered in the pop culture consciousness. That said, still kinda sucks.

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‘Star Trek 4’ may lose both Chris Pine and Chris Hemsworth over contract talks. This is posturing, right?

star trek 4 loses chris pine chris hemsworth

Right now, Star Trek 4 is seemingly without both Chris Pine and the dude who played his father in the first Star Trek reboot. The two stars have left the movie over a contract dispute. But, I have to figure this is posturing. I mean, right?

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Danai Gurira up for ‘Star Trek 4’ key role and we’re all the fucking better for it

danai gurira star trek 4

Fuck yeah, Danai Gurira in Star Trek 4. Honestly, fuck yeah to Danai Gurira in anything.

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‘Star Trek 4’ being directed by S.J. Clarkson, the first female to direct a ‘Trek’ movie

star trek 4 sj clarkson directing

At the moment, there are lot of moving Star Trek parts. Most of us know about the Tarantino-Trek flick, Star Trek 4 is a completely different entity. While the fate of the former remains murky, the latter is beginning to coalesce.

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Chris Hemsworth returning as George Kirk in ‘Star Trek 4’, confirms Abrams

George Kirk.

Chris Hemsworth. I love him. Love him as Thor, loved in the originalĀ Star Trek reboot, loved him tonight inĀ Ghostbusters. I don’t know the logistics behind his appearance in the theoreticalĀ Star Trek 4.

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