Danai Gurira up for ‘Star Trek 4’ key role and we’re all the fucking better for it

danai gurira star trek 4

Fuck yeah, Danai Gurira in Star Trek 4. Honestly, fuck yeah to Danai Gurira in anything.


Days after it was reported that Black Panther and The Walking Dead actress Danai Gurira was circling a role in S.J. Clarkson’s Star Trek 4, new information has surfaced indicating her mysterious role could be that of a villain.

The folks at That Hashtag Show are reporting the upcoming fourth Star Trek installment, which is separate from the Quentin Tarantino Star Trek film, is reportedly looking to add two actresses in major supporting roles. One of the two roles is expected to be that of a villain, with Clarkson reportedly having viewed Tilda Swinton as the ideal actress for the role. However, Swinton is not expected to appear in the film.

While Gurira wasn’t said to be in official talks yet for a Star Trek 4 appearance, it’s expected that should she sign on, Gurira more than likely will be filling one of these two roles.

Details surrounding Star Trek 4 remain sparse. The film, which is being penned by Patrick McKay and John Payne, who previously worked on the initial scripts for Star Trek Beyond, does not yet have a release date. Earlier reports indicated that the fourth installment would bring back Chris Hemsworth’s George Kirk — the father of Chris Pine’s James Kirk — however, outside of that, little to no information has been made available. With the film now in pre-production, filming is expected to take place sometime next year.