The Meming of Life:
Ordinary Muslim VS. Successful Black Man

That’s it. Enough! I’m sick and tired of all the damn stereotypes! So are these guys. Our friends Ordinary Muslim Man, and Successful Black Man might seem like a couple of meme’s slathered in a buttery bigotry creme sauce. But at their best, they provide a deeper underlying message about casting off our individual cultural identities and finding a place for ourselves in the black hole of mainstream (American) culture. Shit is deep, yo.

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The Meming of Life: Carreon Sues

Carreon Sues

If you didn’t do the required reading, you may not have heard of this guy. Right now Charles Carreon is the most hated man on the internet. Now, I could give two shits about a ridiculous lawyer suing a site I find mildly humorous. But when his ridiculous actions solidify his position in the universe of meme, my journalistic instincts kick in, and I am forced to take notice. After all, I’m merely a vessel doing God’s work.

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The Meming of Life: Prometheus

Prometheus Meme

It’s that time again. Time to shove our meaty paws into the depths of the internet grab bag and see what fun prizes we can scoop out. And this week is a treat: Pro-me-the-us! The film’s stunning visuals were like whipped cream on a pile of shit. But we already knew that from our more scholarly interpretations found elsewhere on Spaceship OL. Now we get to check out what other sardonic assholes thought, in the medium of meme.
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