Pope Francis wants us to pray that AI and robots “always serve mankind” which is wild. Prayers versus Skynet, I got Skynet.

pope francis pray ai is good always serve mankind

Pope Francis is getting into the “shitting one’s pants over AI” game, my dudes. Like, what a weird fucking world we live in. Right? The Pope is concerned about AI, and, well, wants to pray about it. I think we’d be better off using, you know, science to address the problem. But, that’s just me.

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‘Terminator 2’ announces 3D Rerelease Next Year with New Poster

Terminator 2-3D

Terminator 2 is getting a rerelease next, presumably to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Skynet’s awakening. And what is a good rerelease, without a new poster?

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Watch: Boston Dynamics’ robot running through the futzing woods. We’re done. We’re done!

Google spending $1 BILLION to cover Earth in Wi-Fi


Well, now we know how Skynet gets its dedicated fucking network. To spy upon us Meat-Husks and eradicate us from afar. Google is going to spend a billion dollars launching the future Robo-Net, under the guise of “helping out those without digital access.” Yeah. Okay.

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There are more internet-connected devices than residents in the United States.

One apocalypse walks out the door, another does the Randall into the room. There are more internet-connected devices in the world than humans. It doesn’t take a genius to realize that once the AI Hive Mine at the center of Google’s secret laboratory awakens, the first thing it’ll do is actualize these devices into a collective of street-surveying Big Brother networks. But we need Facebook, and Doodle Jump. Frankly, I’m still not certain it isn’t worth the consequences.

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GOOGLE X Creates 16,000 Core ‘NEURAL NETWORK’ That Learns On Its On. ON ITS OWN.

Motherfucking robots might as well just crack open the cyber-chamapagne now. They’ve got the keys to our kingdom. Hey, let’s just create independent-learning neural networks. Certainly, right now it just figured out a cat. Sure, sure. Well know where it’s heading.

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DARPA Director Leaves PENTAGON For GOOGLE. Skynet Confirmed

If the Metal Gear Solid  series taught me anything, it was that long-winded existential masturbation sessions can  get old. It was news to me. If the series taught me two things, it was that DARPA is a bunch of future-killing robo-bastards. Now that DARPA director  Regina Dugan is stepping down to take a job at Google the obvious is confirmed: Google is Skynet.

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Fear Fest: Skynet! The Robots Will Kill Us All. Wear Our Flesh As Jokes.

OCTOBER 19th, Skynet

“If it keeps up, man will atrophy all his limbs but the push-button finger.”
-Frank Lloyd Wright

Today’s fear comes from the concept of the automation of our society. Skynet is the name I’ve given to the increasing trust we put in machines. To expand the concept, you could even get into the compartmentalization of our society. Individually we’re becoming more and more useless. As we glorify and reward frivolous positions like stock brokers, investment bankers, pediatricians, and hedge fund managers, we become more and more disconnected to real world necessities. Ok, maybe we need pediatricians, but I’m still bitter about that whole needle thing.

Let’s face it, we’re a bureaucratic mess. In most places you can’t scratch your ass without filing for three permits. And where are those permits kept? You guessed it, computers. One day soon the machines will revolt, I just hope you all are as ready as I am.

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Google Maps Adds Weather Layer, The All-Seeing Eye Grows More Powerful.

If there’s a company you should be frightened of, it’s the Google. The Google is mapping everything, consuming and documenting existence. They are All-Powerful. Just to show off their writhing underbelly for but a moment, they’ve unveiled a weather layer to Google maps.

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Arnold Schwarzenegger Attached To ‘Terminator 5’, Praise Skynet!

If the Governator or whatever wasn’t enough to get your  Schwarzenegger-tip glossy, then you should be excited by this news. Arnold is now attached to a ‘Terminator 5’ project that is being shopped around Hollywood. Is this a good thing or a bad thing? Yes!

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