Interesting: 100k of those 300k ‘ROCKET RACCOON’ orders are from one place

rocket raccoon!

Remember that story about Rocket Raccoon‘s first issue totaling like 300,000 in orders? Well it turns out that a solid 100,000+ of them are from Loot Crate. That “Monthly Box of Dope Swag for Geeks” service that I’ve been fighting the urge to get into for a couple of months. So while that puts a different spin on the number of issues being ordered for Rocket, it also means that a whole lot of people are getting to be getting a look at the Rabid Prick. Which is neat. Yes, yes. Seed the Geek Earth with Guardians fans. Let them become acolytes. Plus! 200,000 issues ordered is still really fucking impressive.

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‘ROCKET RACCOON #1’ poised to sell 300,000 copies. Furry Space Boner.

Rocket Raccoon.

Skottie Young’s Rocket Raccoon #1 is poised to hit the shelves with the subtlety of a bazooka-toting raccoon! Get it? Rocket Raccoon loves his weapons, and he doesn’t seem very subtle? Eh whatever. The Young-powered title is looking like it’s going to drop on the market to the tune of 300,000 copies. I think it’s safe to say that the “risky” Guardians of the Galaxy movie is going to have a built-in star when it arrives.

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Skottie Young’s EARTHWORM JIM is grooovvvyyy

Skottie Young does Earthworm Jim.

More Skottie Young goodness.

ARYA and THE HOUND art by Skottie Young is killer. Pun? IDK.

Killing it.

Here’s a rather fantastic rendition of Arya and The Hound by Skottie Young. Visit his site. Buy his stuff.

Skottie Young helming NEW ‘ROCKET RACCOON’ series.

Rocket Raccoon.

Deep, critical thinking: Skottie Young rules. Rocket Raccoon rules. Combining them together in an orgy of rabid violence and gorgeous artwork is the definition of ruling.

Hit the jump for some deets and look at the full artwork.

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